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  1. mkll11one

    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    thats its not an teaspeak related thing. If your friend needs help, he can just read on the first page. :) And these you post here, has nothing to-do with premium =) protocol_key is not "premium license" =)
  2. mkll11one

    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    You need to buy premium.
  3. mkll11one

    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    So you are using your friend's protocol_key? Btw, it explain already, if you go back to first page. So I don't need to explain for you. 😉
  4. mkll11one

    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    The changes of "version" will only work, if you have premium. So if you change it now, it will not work. It will first work, after you have added license to config.yml 😎 and ofcourse required to restart.
  5. mkll11one

    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    Yes and No. You need premium, before it will change.
  6. mkll11one

    Server Blacklist

    Disable weblist Get new IP Get new domain I don't remember, about there is any other method to prevent it. ^^
  7. mkll11one

    Server error permission yatqa

    you need to import "permissions". So you need to create a "second" teaspeakserver > login yatqa > import from serveradmin there (remember, remove maxclients permission eg) Maybe that will help. (If you can't do that...you will need to reinstall I guess)
  8. mkll11one

    How can I fix it ?

    Weird, I don't have the same issue. ;/
  9. mkll11one

    How can I fix it ?

    does it kick you, if you use: just 4x "9999"?
  10. mkll11one

    Server has been shut down | Application crashed V : 1.5.0.b2

    We need to wait. I'm pretty sure WolverinDEV will try to fix the issue. There is no reason to make him rush to fix. =) I don't have any issues since I don't have any crashes after 6 months.
  11. mkll11one

    Which CPU is better for TeaSpeak Server?

    Depends on how much space you getting on 01 vs 02. =)
  12. mkll11one

    Server error permission yatqa

    I'm pretty sure you need to repair the permissions or reinstall =)
  13. mkll11one

    Server Ability to hide channels

    English only here! :) for "hide channel" you need to set "subscribe" =) And you need to change on some "groups" before it's 100% invisible :)
  14. mkll11one


    There is nothing you can do. :)
  15. mkll11one

    Server Cloudflare Country blocking

    I don't think it's possible.