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  1. eduardoroeder

    Server Crash - TeaSpeak-1.4.19-beta1

    Two crash dumps running TeaSpeak-1.4.19-beta1 , one after another.
  2. eduardoroeder

    Server crash using TeaSpeak-1.4.19-beta1

  3. eduardoroeder

    Server crash using TeaSpeak-1.4.19-beta

    Server crash using TeaSpeak-1.4.19-beta.tar.gz
  4. eduardoroeder

    Pending Cross channels conversations

    There should be a switch to turn off or on the cross channels conversations. I really think it is a good idea, but this opens space for privacy issues. Users are used to have their own chat and information exchange inside the room where the only people who can see the information is the ones...
  5. eduardoroeder

    Pending Server Tab should close with middle mouse click

    Just like in any major tab software (chrome browser, TS3 client, mozilla... and others), if you middle mouse click (if you click the mouse wheel) in the tab, it should close the specified tab, disconnecting from the server itself.
  6. eduardoroeder

    Pending Different permissions in TS3/YaTQA/TeaClient?

    As it is well known that the TS3 permission is bugged for hard usage (setting/changing a lot of permissions). But it should be as updated as the others for just a plain view of permissions on the permission editor. You can see that for permission "b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password" the...
  7. eduardoroeder

    Pending i_group_show_name_in_tree not allowing selecting the side

    i_group_show_name_in_tree is showing in the right side as always. The behaviour in the client should be like TS3 None Before After Apparently it is only showing after
  8. eduardoroeder

    Completed Tokens not being deleted with group

    When you create a token for group A and then delete group A, the forementioned token doesn't get deleted and it causes an unknown error when trying to use. Bug?
  9. eduardoroeder

    Instance Actions Log

    I'd again suggest adding a log for the actions just as TS3 have. Whenever a user gets added or removed by a group and whenever a permission is modified by a user, there should be a log entry. Servers are dynamic, sometimes the Server Admins from one instance fight between them and when people...
  10. eduardoroeder

    1.4.14-beta 6 - crash

    Was setting up a new server with the query bot and it crashed all the instances.
  11. eduardoroeder

    BBCode Permissions for poke and private text message

    I'd like to see BBCode permissions for both poke and private text messages. This is a security flaw where people can send masked links via pokes and private text messages.
  12. eduardoroeder

    Pending i_permission_modify_power error in different situations

    Hey, this started happening after the 1.4.14 update, which happened changes to the permission system. I've created this thread in order to address overheads that started to happen after this update. It is really important and urgent since it affects all created groups and how they behave...
  13. eduardoroeder

    Pending Command not found for valid Query Commands

    Hey, Sometimes (actually random), valid query commands get's an answer as 'command not found'. I can't reproduce it clearly, but I think it deserves to be here in a Bug Report. For example, I've got a querybot who sends a keepalive 'whoami' every 5 minutes, to prevent disconnection. In one of...
  14. eduardoroeder

    Crash TeaServer 1.4.14-beta-2

    # Version: 1.4.14-beta-2 # TeaSpeak version: 1.4.14-beta # Build version: 2 {"build_name": "1.4.14-beta-2", "build_version": "1.4.14-beta", "build_index": 2}
  15. eduardoroeder

    Pending Can't set bigger and smaller permission values

    Hi, within a new set up server at 1.4.10 b3 I'm not able to set some permission on the groups. Example: -I want a group called "Muted" which when added the user can't speak at all. It used to work by setting i_client_talk_power to -1 and then checking ignore on the checks of the group. Now, I'm...
  16. eduardoroeder

    Crash after few days with 1500~ users

    After a few days with the server opened at version 1.4.8 beta (can't recall which beta) it crashed. Any needed information just ask.
  17. eduardoroeder

    Pending Voice freezing

    Hey, i've been using 1.4.8 since it was released and my customers have been experiencing voice freezing for the last days. I can confirm that it's not happening at all virtual instances at the same time, since I was using a personal virtual instance at the time it last happened. I dont really...
  18. eduardoroeder

    Pending TeaSpeak has different behaviour on 'logview'

    Using plain logview sq command in TeaSpeak has different behaviour as in Tea*Speak. Sending plain 'logview': TeaSpeak: Tea*Speak: Sending "logview lines=30": TeaSpeak: Tea*Speak: Sending "logview instance=0 begin_pos=0 lines=100": TeaSpeak: Tea*Speak: https://i.imgur.com/aK5v59b.png...
  19. eduardoroeder

    Pending Setting needed view power on default channel bugs out

    If you set a high (higher than the client permission) needed channel view power on the server default channel, the client will disconnect when changing to a new channel. The error is <05:06:21> Channel "[cspacer9212]✖ Welcome ✖" was deleted by the Server <05:06:21> Disconnected from server...
  20. eduardoroeder

    Pending Unable to delete music bot if music bot is disabled

    If I have music: #Description: # Enable/disable the music bots #The value must be a positive numeric value between 0 and 1 enabled: 0 #Description: # Add by default a new music bot to each created virtual server. #The value must be a positive numeric value between 0 and 1...