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    Server After a snapshot is restored, not all data is restored.

    After a snapshot is restored, not all data is restored to the database, namely, the nickname, last connection date, description, and last IP address. I think it would be a good idea to save this data. At least a nickname and description. Version: 1.4.19-beta-5

    Server Optimizing the database size

    As some users have already noticed, after deleting some data, the size of the database does not decrease. For example, this is easy to reproduce when the database has a very large number of virtual servers with groups and channels. If you delete virtual servers, you will notice that the size...

    Pending Disconnected from the server (parameter not found)

    If you run the command to view the server log (Ctrl + Shift + L) through the TS3 client, the client will disconnect itself with the error specified in the topic name. Version: 1.4.16-beta-2 ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- The topic was moved to the appropriate section of the forum.

    The voice indicator hovering.

    If you are talking to a TS3 user in a channel, the voice indicator will always be active for that client, even if they switch to another channel. Version: 1.4.4

    Pending The music bot stops playing streams

    Version: 1.4.10 beta 3 After creating a music bot, the bot successfully plays the radio stream, but after a while something happens and the bot can't play music, but it responds successfully to all commands. In between 03:34:46 - 03:34:50 something happened and then the problems started. As...

    Server Incomprehensible behavior of the server log

    After installing version 1.4.8 (optimized build). I accidentally noticed that the server log behaves incorrectly, namely messages are trimmed and supplemented after some time. Previously, the server wrote the message in real time and did not trim the message, except that log not exceeded the...

    Server no cached connection info

    Version 1.4.8 (optimized build) After connecting to the server, I try to view information about my connection and get a message in the server log.

    connection to the server is lost after creating a music bot

    Version 1.4.8 (optimized build) Send the bot creation command to the server: .mbot create After that, the client will lose the connection to the server and almost immediately restore it, the music bot will not be created. The server also create a crash dump, but i will not attach a crash dump...

    Pending Client privileges are not removed

    There are several clients on my server that have client privileges installed and these privileges are not removed after the uninstall command. Removal is done through YaTQA. The screenshot shows the privileges of the client. If you delete them and re-request client privileges, you will see that...
  10. REDOSS

    Pending Few critical errors in server log

    Every two weeks I check my server for critical errors in the server log and have encountered such entries.
  11. REDOSS

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    There is a test server (one virtual server and several channels). The server is empty, just for testing, only I know the address. I created one radio bot that broadcasts music, and after a while, namely after 19 hours the bot loaded the processor and there is no sound. The bot successfully...
  12. REDOSS

    Server Disconnected from server (invalid clientID)

    I think it is necessary to create a topic with a discussion of this error and supplement it with information as much as possible. In this case I one and a half days sat on the server and did nothing as suddenly the server disconnected me. [2019-10-17 21:53:49] [DEBUG] 5 | [IP:1976/REDOSS |...
  13. REDOSS

    Pending Problem installing the latest stable version 1.3.25-1

    OS: Debian 9.3 In addition, stops working the automatic starting of the server - TeaSpeak Autostart-Script
  14. REDOSS

    Completed The country of the music bot returns to default value after the server is reboot

    Set the country of the music bot: .mbot settings bot client_country RU The country of the music bot has changed, but if you restart the server, the country will return to the default "DE".
  15. REDOSS

    How the voice package works in TeaSpeak?

    As I said on my server rose sharply online due to the start of the game event in our game. I am currently using two servers with the same configurations: Tea*Speak 3 Server, version TeaSpeak Server, version 1.3.20-beta-1 (optimized) I noticed that when users join into one channel...
  16. REDOSS

    Completed 1.3.21-beta-5, server crash after 36 hours

    Version: 1.3.21-beta-5 (amd64_optimized) OS: Debian 9.3, x64.
  17. REDOSS

    Pending Crash a client after disconnecting headphones with a microphone.

    Version: 1.3.5. OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit Also on the file path incorrectly displayed the user name of the computer (the name contains the Cyrillic). Maybe it should be used "%appdata%"
  18. REDOSS

    Pending the problem with groups

    I don't know why, but groups stand out as if you could add a client to them. In this case, I am a guest. I have no privileges to give out groups. Of course I can not give out the group, I get an error. <21:39:04> insufficient client permissions (failed on i_server_group_member_add_power)...
  19. REDOSS

    Script for Push new users (guests)

    Maybe someone has this script? PHP and JS.
  20. REDOSS

    Completed Closing connection

    I know that the problem is already known and reproduced very rarely, but still create a topic with a discussion :-) all three users have restored the connection to the server after 30 seconds. Server version 1.3.10 optimized build. The problem was also reproduced in early builds. Users do not...