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  1. latters

    Completed lock when signing in

    my server is crashing when logging in as serverquery, started this problem when I was trying to edit the default channels. How to solve this problem?
  2. latters

    Pending TeaWeb

    is there any TeaWeb tutorial? how does it work? method of installation?
  3. latters

    Evaluated All Servers CRASHING !!

    all! my teaspeak +40 VPS servers are dropping at the same time. what's up? Could it be a problem with the license? please help.
  4. latters

    Completed premium license questions

    I have some questions regarding the premium license I can not find on the forum .: 1- How can I activate my premium license on the server to be able to modify the information? 2- How can I modify the information having a premium license ?, What is the procedure for example; Modify the server...
  5. latters

    Completed not working on centos 7.5

    I am not able to start in centos 7.5, are all packages installed? what is missing may help? http://prntscr.com/l7c914
  6. latters

    Anti-Crash TeaSpeak

    Could anyone help me make a self-reset server script in case of crash? for centos6 and 7?
  7. latters

    Completed snapshot restore fail

    when attempting to restore a snapshot always from this error: http://prntscr.com/kq8v2n obs: with any server.
  8. latters

    Completed Server crashing

    Hello, I'm having a problem, my server is not online for more than 2 hours and it just shuts off! can you help me find the cause of this problem? the log file in zip: https://mega.nz/#!3B41TI4L!y3nZ_wgAFj-RlZxmGbTuqJd-NY48VWkfwfYEZcR8WL0