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  1. WolverinDEV

    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    Hey folks, this important announcement will be about the future of TeaSpeak. But first of all, let me thank each and every one of you for your great support and feedback throughout the project so far. Over the past years, we have built a pleasant, helpful and continuously growing community of...
  2. WolverinDEV

    In process Known bugs collection thread

    Hey folks, this is just a quick overview of bugs which I've planned to fixed for the next stable release (1.4.19). I highly motivate to regular checkout our change - log and test the new beta builds. If you find any bug, or even if you detect that your bug has been fixed,leave a message within...
  3. WolverinDEV

    Official TeaSpeak Docker Images are out!

    Greetings Tea-Community, my name is @h1dden-da3m0n, I am an open-source developer and I recently stumbled onto TeaSpeak. Why is that important you ask, well I am quite a container fan too (eg. Docker/Podman/K8s ❤) and after I discovered TeaSpeak I saw that it had a TeaDocker repo, which was in...
  4. WolverinDEV

    We've a new Home/Landing page!

    Hey folks, I've something amazing to announce. You probably already noticed our new landing page, but I now want to make it official. We've a new, modern clean and informative landing/home page! I worked hard the last week in order to create the whole page from scratch. You may noticed that...
  5. WolverinDEV

    Information Permission assignment process

    Hey, as lately significantly the question rises how the permission system works, as well to exactly determine bugs when it does not work, here is/are some flow charts which should outline of it works. Adding/modifying permissions of a Group/Channel/Client/Playlist List of permissions...
  6. WolverinDEV

    Design contest; File transfer

    Hey, first of all the TeaSpeak team wishes you all a happy and healthy Easter! I'm also glad to announce the first TeaSpeak design contest. The challenge This contest is all about the upcoming file browser/transfer UI for the TeaSpeak web/native client. Your challenge is to develop a modern...
  7. WolverinDEV

    Information What is the "open file rlimit" and what value should it have

    Hey, in this thread well go thru the topic of rlimints and more specific the rlimit for concurrent open files. if you're lazy to read, just directly skip ahead to point 5. 1. Is a "rlimit"? "rlimit" just stands for resource limit. As the longer name already explains, these limits regulate the...
  8. WolverinDEV

    Server Service department: how can I help you? Costumer: Its trash!

    Hey, as the title already spoilers, I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how you could annoy the TeaSpeak support the most. This thread is more a collection thread of all (silly) questions and answers. So let's go right ahead and jump right into it. Disclaimer: This thread is intend to improve...
  9. WolverinDEV

    Information Import 3.1.10 or higher TS3 snapshots to TeaSpeak

    Dear TeaSpeakers, sadly TeaSpeak currently does not yet support ZLIB compression for server snapshots. That's why we've created a snapshot converter for TS3 3.1.10+ snapshots, which decompresses the snapshot and brings it into TeaSpeak format. Usage of the converter: 1. Upload the created...
  10. WolverinDEV

    TeaWeb & TeaClient update to 1.4.4.

    Hey, I'm happy to announce that the new 1.4.4 update for the TeaClient is out. This update comes along with some need cosmetic changes and some bugfixes. The highlights of the update are: Native sound playback. Sounds like "channel joined" or "microphone muted" is now played naively without...
  11. WolverinDEV

    Pending Missing client chat button

  12. WolverinDEV

    Pending Crash dumps on connect to TeaSpeak

    Attached files :) ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- CRASH_DUMP.rar crash_dump.zip ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Fixed in 1.4.3 //Closed
  13. WolverinDEV

    Big TeaSpeak update: 1.4.0!

    Hey, I'm pleased to announce the already highly anticipated update: 1.4.0! Some of you may already know what new features and changed will come with this update, but for everybody else, here is a little overview: We worked hard, really hard, over the last few months to heavily improve the...
  14. WolverinDEV

    TeaSpeak update will come soon

    Hey, I'm sadly to announce that the bug web- and native client update will not be released in august. The main reason is that, I'm currently moving to another location. So I'm unable to finish the last few minor bugs as well fixing upcoming once. I thought long about it, and if I should release...
  15. WolverinDEV

    Setup the WebClient rightly (TeaServer)

    Hey, I'm happy to announce that this isn't required anymore since the web client works out of the box since version 1.4.8. You're not required anymore to setup any certificates or libraries. Best regards TeaSpeak - Team
  16. WolverinDEV

    Payment update

    Hey, We're glad to announce this lovely little update, which was already planned a long time ago! Since yesterday you may noticed a new section within the account management region: TeaSpeak License. You're now able to generate your license and even resend your license without creating a...
  17. WolverinDEV

    Information What kind of software is TeaSpeak?

    Hey, many of you who just discover us may wonder, what TeaSpeak actually is and where we're reaching for! TeaSpeak is a mighty client-server based voice communication software programmed using state of the art programming technology. Besides having a native client the innovative web-client...
  18. WolverinDEV

    TeaSpeak - Server Crash's

    Hey, you may recently noticed that, when the TeaSpeak license server fails to response, your TeaSpeak goes without any crash or message. This announcement should just help your to track the status of this critical bug, and when a fix will come out. I'm sorry for the last few days, and today...
  19. WolverinDEV

    Information Snapshot help

    Content 1. Snapshot command documentary 2. Import snapshots from Tea*Speak to TeaSpeak 3. Export snapshots from TeaSpeak to Tea*Speak 1. Documentary Usage: serversnapshotcreate Permissions: b_virtualserver_snapshot_create Request parameter description: version [uint8]: The version of the...
  20. WolverinDEV

    Be part of the TeaParty!

    Hey, TeaSpeak is growing and is growing fast. And we have a bunch of new cool features in development. This is incredible! I just want to say "thank you" to all of my new and old loyal members. But as fast as the server grows and gets new mighty features, the Web-Client cannot follow at this...