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  1. mkll11one

    Crash (musicbot / youtube)

    Musicbot crash (if you using: mbot yt youtube.com/watch?v=N26tpehxUN4 > and doing mbot next. (crashed) If starting the server again fast, it will play instantly. =D dump files on dump.zip
  2. mkll11one

    Weird crash.

    Crashdump-files(Uploaded) Version: 1.4.7-beta4 @WolverinDEV ^^ (There is 2 crash dump) one was in crash-dump (and outside of the folder)
  3. mkll11one

    Pending (Packet resend failed) problem. (1.3.21-beta10)

    Hello, After I have updated to 1.3.21-beta10 And getting the problem with join ts3server with this error (First time happens every day) with the error of: "Packet resend failed" after 10 seconds > and 5 seconds later, auto-reconnect and no more "resend failed" What 2 do??? [2019-07-13...
  4. mkll11one

    Information How to get TSviewer/TS3index/gametracker to work.

    Hello and welcome to this guide. Here I will guide you with: How can I getting the: TSViewer/TS3index and gametracker to works on my server! First, you need to do: - Go to your putty or SFTP. - Open the config.yml, and check the "MOTD" about it's correctly like (this): motd: "TS3\n\rWelcome on...
  5. mkll11one

    [INFORMATION] Connection lost because server license can not be validated.

    Hi. You also get errors when trying to connect to your server? (Connection lost because server license can not be validated.) a) Your virtualserver has more than 32 slots and therefore it is not possible and connect to the server! b) Your virtualserver does not have a "valid license" and using...
  6. mkll11one

    TSViewer still dont work (why close thread?)

    Hi. TS Viewer still didnt works. Error Code: 2568 insufficient client permissions (failed on clientlist 229/0xE5) Still same issues after updating.. Not good idea, to close the thread, BEFORE it's 200% confirmed from other users of us.. about it works or nah! I can confirm, it don't works! :'(
  7. mkll11one

    [Outdated]How to get TeaSpeak to show license (AAL License from Tea*Speak)

    NOT LONGER WORKING! Hello. A small guide on how to get TeaSpeak to display a "valid" license purchased through Tea*Speak to be used for TeaSpeak. (AAL license) 1) You open your browser and visit Tea*Speak.com. 2) After that. Click on Features > licensing (It shows you which license is...
  8. mkll11one

    3.2.0client / teaspeaksrv?

    Hi. it's now confirmed, Tea*Speak client 3.2.0 will be out (monday). Are there still planned for support 3.2.0 via teaspeak? /Mikkel
  9. mkll11one

    Possible to set own serverquery password?

    Hi. Is there some-way possible to set own serverquery password of serveradmin to login via YaTQA?
  10. mkll11one

    Feature for musicbot.

    Hi. It could be noice, if the musicbot did supporting playlist via youtube, and playing song/playlist via Spotify. Has the function be asked before?
  11. mkll11one

    Possible to limit (1 musicbot per TS srv?)

    Hello. I will hear, about there is something trick/tips for possible for limit 1musicbot per Virtual Server on TeaSpeak.
  12. mkll11one

    double triggered! ?

    Hello. I'm checking the screen/console, where i see each minutes the console spamming: [ERROR] GEN | preprocessNextWritePacket() double triggered! [ERROR] GEN | preprocessNextWritePacket() double triggered! [ERROR] GEN | preprocessNextWritePacket() double triggered! Is that something I should...
  13. mkll11one

    serverquery > remove access to change maxclients.

    Hi. I will hear, about there is someway via PuTTY(Command) for remove access to change maxclients(slots) on A virtual server via teaspeak. As example needed to be removed: b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients|permsid=i_needed_modify_power_virtualserver_modify_maxclients I did try remove it via...