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  1. WolverinDEV

    Needs evaluation instance crashed at every try after updating to TeaSpeak-Server v1.3.10-beta

    I've revoked the official release as well :) There is a significant crash and a bug with mem as well, forget this version is the best option and wait for beta 2.but the good news is when the ram may improved I could finally declare a stable version xX
  2. WolverinDEV

    Pending Drop

    Should be both?
  3. WolverinDEV

    Best VPS For TeaSpeak/TeamSpeak Serve !

    Even more, that were 64 clients in one channel all talking with opus so 64 * 63 * client data
  4. WolverinDEV

    Pending Drop

    Ahh the optimized build is a by the compiler (gcc in my case) "optimized" build, to be precise with the flag -O3. This means for example that, small functions will be inlined to improve performance. There are some other opts. as well which result in a significant performance improve. But as a...
  5. WolverinDEV

    Server config_youtube.ini file

    https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initialisierungsdatei :) Or in english: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/INI_file
  6. WolverinDEV

    Pending TeaWeb / TeaClient does not support an address created with an SRV record.

    In short: The web client dosn't resolve SRV records :) This will may change in future, and of cause I'll then comment this in the changelog.
  7. WolverinDEV

    Server 1.3.4-beta crashed

    MEM sollte besser geworden sein :)
  8. WolverinDEV


    EDIT: A quick fix is to disable the weblist. In general is there something crazy with the DB. Could you may upload your DB and send it to be via PM?
  9. WolverinDEV


  10. WolverinDEV

    I have teaspeak installed and i got server shut down

    How often does this crash happens? Its a quite strange one, which I've already seen some versions earlier, but never figured out.
  11. WolverinDEV

    Pending Resend 1 packets

    Is there a crash dump? Seems a littlebit like a crash :)
  12. WolverinDEV

    Pending 1.2.34-beta (crash_dumps).

    Shall be all fixed :) If you have some new please post again :)
  13. WolverinDEV

    Pending TeaSpeak and SinusBot (Ram consumption)

    Should improved heavily in 1.3.10-2 :)
  14. WolverinDEV

    Pending SinusBot Problem after update 1.2.34b to 1.3.3b

    Fixed already :)
  15. WolverinDEV

    Pending Drop

    Still wanna know or are you already knowing it? :D
  16. WolverinDEV

    Pending TeaSpeak uses high ram.

    RAM should be improved in 1.3.10-2 :) As well this is a dup. so I'll close this
  17. WolverinDEV

    Pending TeaSpeak uses lots of ram

    Duplicated thread, should improved here: https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_optimized/TeaSpeak-1.3.10-beta-1.tar.gz
  18. WolverinDEV

    Pending RAM verbrauch

    Should be improved: https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_optimized/TeaSpeak-1.3.10-beta-1.tar.gz As well this is a duplicate thread so I'll close it :)
  19. WolverinDEV

    Pending Closing connection

    Yeah no thats not the problem. The issue is that the server binds on v6 as well and the tries to send on v6 insteadof v4, will be fixed soome :)