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  1. BIOS

    Voice4You needs your help

    hello dear community as you should know, I founded my own company almost 3 months ago. As most of you know, it is quite difficult to establish yourself in the market and to assert yourself in the market. in order to secure my existence and that of the company, i need your help by submitting...
  2. BIOS

    Earn BTC with your own PC / laptop!

    Hi guys, Since I am often asked how I can get my BTC without paying a cent, here's a little tip. It brings me (i9-10900k / iMac, i9-9900k / MacBook and i9-10980XE / Gaming PC and iPhone 11 Pro Max) around 2-6 € a day depending on how often I use the browser. Here the browser, of course, you...
  3. BIOS

    Completed Could not initialize SQL

    i updated the server to latest version and have an sql problem
  4. BIOS

    Anonymous banner / timebot template

    Anonymous banner / timebot template
  5. BIOS

    Server nodejs-tsdns

    i used this HOW TO for installing the node-tsdns on ubuntu 18.04 https://prnt.sc/t367t8 installed nodejs version 8.10.0 and npm 3.5.2 and i only got errors.... so my question anyone have an working how to for it?
  6. BIOS

    Pending invisible channel / invisible clients

    I just noticed that it is not possible to see other people or other channels in my own teaspeak server. i only have this problem with the windows client, webclient is working. http://vvcap.com/gWusTqOhA
  7. BIOS

    Pending YATQA server backup deploy error

    i got this error when i try to deploy an converted backup https://prnt.sc/si0abg
  8. BIOS

    Release Teaspeak Hosting Panel

    PHP Version 7.1+ (tested working versions 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4.4, 7.4.5) you need to allow "short_open_tag" in php config create an database and insert sql file from "database" folder edit follow files in folder "baglantilar": - ayar.php - baglan.php - baglan2.php - baglan3.php - database.php...
  9. BIOS

    php code error

    i writing this time an new teaspeak hosting panel and my acctual code will not include in php 7.4.4 code: <? require_once("folder/folder.php"); $tsAdmin = new ts3admin($tsip, $tsquery); if($tsAdmin->getElement('success', $tsAdmin->connect())) {...
  10. BIOS

    Mysql connection problem

    since TeaSpeak-Server v1.4.10-beta [Build: 1584974330] above teaspeak cant connect to my local mysql server solved! this entry in config.yml not not works: mysql://localhost:3306/teaspeak?userName=***&password=****&connections=4 change it to...
  11. BIOS

    server crash TeaSpeak-1.4.6-"beta"

    crashed after first start
  12. BIOS

    Release Teaspeak All in One Page

    I used the Template from @Nico and completed it. It cant handle atm the Musicbot functions and i dont know if i will insert it. Demo: https://host.voice4you.org Download: https://github.com/BIOS-THE-ORIGINAL/TeaSpeak-AiO-Page
  13. BIOS

    Release Teaspeak dns Script

    Hello Guys i have edited and Modified the TSDNS Script from @Obstkuchenlord aka serversponsoring... anyone knows him its german language so anyone can translate... it uses the actual api v4 and supports multidomains demo: https://voice4you.org/tsdns/ for everyone free...
  14. BIOS

    [Voice4You.org] Your smart company for voice servers, stream servers and much more.

    We are back! After critical problems with our web server and backup server, we ask our existing customers to create a new account and send us the PayPal transaction ID via ticket so that we can restore the services immediately. So far we have not been able to reintegrate all products, this...
  15. BIOS

    Pending Microphone initialize failed

    cant use any microphone in actual windows client 1.4.0...
  16. BIOS

    Pending translation system fails to load

  17. BIOS

    Server TeaSpeak Server autostart Skript – Debian / Ubuntu Linux

    Teaspeak Create a start / stop script Create / fill in /etc/init.d/teaspeak with your favorite editor. The path and the user must be adjusted accordingly. Since I have taken from the comments that not everyone here with vi experiences, you should perhaps use a different editor (joe or nano)...
  18. BIOS

    Make money while you using your Computer

    We'll be using a traffic bot to drive traffic to our link. We'll be using AdFoc.us - Sign up at http://adfoc.us/?refid=491828 (Referral link) - Download Traffic Spirit http://www.ipts.com/ (The traffic bot that we'll be using) - Extract the ZIP file and open ipts.exe NOT THE iptstest.exe -...
  19. BIOS

    Release Psychokillers webinterface modiffied( a little bit) for Teaspeak

    i finishéd working on Psychokillers webinterface modiffied( a little bit) for Teaspeak supports php 7.0 Supported languages: German (de) English (en) Dutch (nl) Portuguese (br) by Rennato French (fr) Turkish (tr) By RoTrKO needed languanes : Spanish (es) Russian (ru) you want to...
  20. BIOS

    Release Iframe for embedding webclient on any website

    Step 1: so insert the iframe in your website <iframe name="Framename" src="https://web.teaspeak.de/" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" class="frame-area"> </iframe> Step 2: to position the iframe use css. .frame-area { display: block; width: 100%; /*...