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  1. Kevinos

    Beta Google Map (Users Online)

    Hello, I will soon publish a small script, which displays a point on the google map of users logged into your TeaSpeak server. I still try to make the point disappear once the user logs out and I publish the script for whoever they want. A small screenshot ;) I will also make a version...
  2. Kevinos

    IPtools.online ssh logs (bans)

    Hello If the post disturbs I delete :) , Welcome to IPtools.online, home of the IPtools.online. We offer a multi options by using the our IPtools. It features live ssh-banning, live ssh-banlist updates, live ssh-ban removals and more. IPtools.online is a private community that works with root...
  3. Kevinos

    Native Client Game Detect?

    Hello, It would be really an option that detects the games we play, a bit like discord. Example: For example also, an option that discord does not have, when your click on full info, it says the number of hours played on the game. And if it is not possible to make a detection, a menu with...
  4. Kevinos

    User click

    Hello, I noticed a bug with teaweb. I think this problem happens when you receive a popup from the server, for example when the server restarts we receive a window in the middle of the screen, or when you receive a poke. You can no longer click on your own name. Os : Win10 Google Chrome.
  5. Kevinos

    Frequently asked Questions.

    How to update my server? (Click on this link, you will come across a tutorial). https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/linux-how-to-update-your-teaspeak-server-including-script.86/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can not connect my query bot (php...
  6. Kevinos

    (failed on hostinfo 3/0x3)

    Have you had this problem before? My teaspeak intance crash, the monitoring has restarted. But at the restart, I lost the rights to serveradmin no more permission Error (ID 2568) insufficient client permissions (failed on hostinfo 3/0x3) on IP: After restart the instance is...
  7. Kevinos

    Merry christmas

    Hello everyone, I wish you a merry Christmas, that everything goes well for you and your family. May this day be good for you.
  8. Kevinos

    Release Web: Server Stats highcharts live

    index.php <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <title>Stats Kingts3.com & Freets3.ovh</title> <!-- 1. Add these JavaScript...
  9. Kevinos

    Outdated TeaSpeak Music bot WebPanel

    Hello I present to you a small panel which makes it possible to create a music bot and manage it. This saves you from typing the commands manually in a channel. Video : Download : http://v2.ts3-free.com/TeaSpeakMusicPanel.zip If you have a problem feel free to answer here.
  10. Kevinos

    Completed 1.2.22-beta crash after 10/15 min

    Hello, Until now I had no problem with the teaspeak version. But this morning I updated the server with the latest version: 1.2.22-beta. The intance still works, but after 10/15 min, the intance no longer responds to the query. Error (ID 0) connection to server 'IP:pORT' lost on IP: IP:pORT...
  11. Kevinos

    Completed Error: "sh: youtube-dl : commande no found

    Hello everyone, Here I explain my problem, I have this error since the new version of teaspeak. I did not have this problem on the old, I deleted youtube-dl then reinstall but still the same problem. TeaSpeak say : sh: youtube-dl : commande no found. Putty root => root@ns3032715:~# youtube-dl...
  12. Kevinos

    Completed After update to 1.2.16 bug

    Hello, i just update to 1.2.16 but i have again : Found varianzes within the server tick! (Supposed: 500ms Hold: 519ms) On 1.2.15beta 16 no any this problem and users online get timeout : <15:03:50> Tentative de connexion au serveur sur <15:03:51> By Server used by...
  13. Kevinos

    Completed Web Teaspeak

    Hello to you, I try to install the web client on my site, I had the old version that worked well, but here I put another version with the last file of https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaWeb But the page loads in loop, I let you discover http://web.ts3-free.com I tested several php version, the...
  14. Kevinos


    Hello, is possible add a shoutbox on the forum ? ;)
  15. Kevinos

    default voice port

    Hello, would it be possible to add an option for the new server create by port range E.G default_voice_port=15000 15001,15002 etc... Sorry for me English.
  16. Kevinos

    Completed Error in login() on line 2306: ErrorID: 527 | Message: client is not permitted to log in extra_msg=already logged in

    Hello, I just created a server Tea*Speak without problem, the server works well. But when I want to connect with a panel I have this error what to do please? Thank you
  17. Kevinos

    Completed need reconnect 2x query

    http://dwarea.com/kevinos/putty_2018-01-10_19-13-16.png Hello, Need to type 2 times the command for this logged in, and many php scripts do not work because of that php script say Error (ID 0) invalid reply from the server
  18. Kevinos

    Virtual server need restart process

    Hello, To report a bug, after the creation of a new virtual server, we are forced to restart the process, so that it works. I make a small video screen : http://dwarea.com/kevinos/2018-01-10_17-28-27.mp4
  19. Kevinos

    First =)

    Hello I'm Kevin, congratulations for your new project. Sorry for my english, I'm french