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    Evaluated Module Whmcs TS3 Error

    I already had this error, out of nowhere the passwords of my servers were changed in whmcs, I took advantage and changed all passwords for the teaspeak server, and updated it on the whmcs website and it worked.
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    Make TeaSpeak look like Tea*Speak

    There are people who really confuse, premium license with protocol license, this is normal. Let's explain it in another way, only those who have a yellow name here on the forum can make this type of change. How to leave the yellow name here on the forum? Click on "Account upgrades", pay the...
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    1.5.0 - Crash collection

    How do you resolve this error in the version? invalid parameter size ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Get to discover the reason for the error. The topic description contained the following content: Regras da org [B] [COLOR=#00FF00] 1-NAO FAZER SEQUESTRO SEM C4+ 2-NAO ESPALHAR...
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    Outdated [v1.1] Tea(m)Speak - WHMCS Server provisioning FREE Full Version with Music BOT

    So, this version that was made available for download is compatible with any version of PHP?
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    Outdated [v1.1] Tea(m)Speak - WHMCS Server provisioning FREE Full Version with Music BOT

    Soon I will test, use that version where I can only have up to php 7.0 and this module uses php 7.1+, I also have to see if my other modules are compatible with php 7.1+
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    Which CPU is better for TeaSpeak Server?

    I updated the Dedicated Server kernel in configuration 1 and the CPU is behaving similarly to the CPU in configuration 2. I didn't even know that Kernel made that difference.
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    Which CPU is better for TeaSpeak Server?

    Hello, I was using a Dedicated with this CPU: Configuration-CPU-01: I never had any problems with this CPU configuration, but since I was needing more disk space, I moved from a plan to a dedicated one with this CPU: Configuration-CPU-02: As I said, everything was fine before, I just...
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    Pending Nightly version problems

    I haven't installed these new versions yet, for now I just use the amd64_optimized or amd64_stable versions.
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    Pending Errors, problem with banner

    I realized this 2 days ago, links from the site "https://imgur.com" are being blocked for some customers, I don't know why. I used another image upload server and showed it to all members again. I'm using this server: https://imgbb.com ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- The worst thing...
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    TSDNS panel?

    Does anyone have a template with TSDNS panel script that I can make available? Those you can create with multiple domains and customer accounts. I have one, but it is giving error in several parts, it worked well in the beginning, but it stopped working out of nowhere. If someone who has a good...
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    great seller, I still help you in several matters related to teaspeak.

    great seller, I still help you in several matters related to teaspeak.
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    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    Option 1 is not a bad option, if we want to keep TeaSpeak active, it is not a high value, I think it is a fair value, in fact, everyone could be PREMIUM customers, of course you could launch a free version, but it would be limited , for example, to 2 servers. (even because we need to have test...
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    Pending Bug Whisper??

    Now it's working, I'm hearing Whisper from users that I can't see. Only one detail that can be verified is that although I can hear this user that I can’t see, but I don’t know who is the user that is sending Whisper, because in the history it shows as "Unknown", as shown in the image below...
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    Pending Bug Whisper??

    I am still waiting for the release of this version to do the tests.
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    Pending Backup restore

    When I try to restore the backup, the image error happens, nothing happens with the server I'm trying to restore the backup, it doesn't fall, it doesn't go offline, it just gives the image error and closes.
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    Pending Backup restore

    The strange thing is that the error only occurs for this backup, backups from other servers on the same machine are normal. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- I gave you the backup that the problem occurs by private message.
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    Pending Backup restore

    I am trying to restore a backup from a teaspeak server and it is showing the following error: Interesting is that the backup of other ports on the same server is working normally, only one is giving problems. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- If you want I can send the backup of the...
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    Pending Bug Whisper??

    Will this version be released yet? Because I am not finding it in the repository. @WolverinDEV ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- The version numbers are strange. The latest updated version is version: 1.4.19-beta-1 before having the version: 1.4.19-beta and before having the...
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    Pending Bug Whisper??

    I just tested in the latest version 1.4.18-5beta and this bug reported here remains the same, if the user who receives the whisper does not see the user who is sending the whisper, he will not be able to hear it. @WolverinDEV