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  1. Sparky

    Server CRITICAL ERROR Soft assertion - 1.5.1-beta0

    Hello, I have reinstall my server with your install script: https://github.com/Sporesirius/TeaSpeak-Installer/blob/master/teaspeak_install.sh After I have update the server with your update script: https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaSpeak/blob/master/scripts/updater.sh when I login with yatqa...
  2. Sparky


    Hi, Here are some crash OS: debian 10.8 ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- New crash
  3. Sparky

    Pending infinit loop

    Hey Wolverin, There is problem with a loop bug https://prnt.sc/u8einv tell me what files I can send you to give you more info's about thx
  4. Sparky

    Server connection lost -

    Hello, I report a bug with connection lost. After the update & restart of the server from to 3 of 60 players were dropping connection all the time. Message they were getting "Failed to connect to server." Message on the server "connecting" 2 sec after "Connection lost" I don't...
  5. Sparky

    Server Some permissions ideads

    Hi, I have some ideas about the permissions. 1 on option to could block the subscribe power to some groups. Example: I would like that the Guest have no view access to the channels. 2 I would like that everybody make an NoPoke group so that the poeples would be able to add them self to it. I...
  6. Sparky

    Server Translation

    Hi wolverin, I haven't finished yet but here is an update of the french translation file I made de 300 first éléments so until line 2720 but I have some trubbles with 80 éléments I will meet you on teaspeak later in the week to speak about it with you I changed the flag élément to Pyton-Sparky...
  7. Sparky

    Server Teaspeak self permissions

    Hi wolverin, could you add an power so that poeples would be able to add themself on a group look like this i_server_goup_self_add_power and i_server_group_self_remove_power thx
  8. Sparky

    Server First stable version

    Hey Wolverin, When will you make the first stable version? I mean with it the first non-beta server? Do you still have lot of work before to make apaire that version? Thx
  9. Sparky

    Server Kicked out when client try to put an avatar

    Hi, I found an client bugg. (Tested on Tea*Speak client 3.2.3) Teaspeak server version: 1.2.27-beta The clients can't put them avatar anymore when they try to do it they are kicked out of the server With this error You were kicked from the server by the server (Error while command handling!)
  10. Sparky

    Multiple channel groups

    Hello, I had as suggestion to allow multiple channels groups in one channel or i you have an other idea post it The objectif would be so that a leader would be the admin of he's channels & public channels like meeting or welcome room but he wouldn't have control of the channel from other guilds...
  11. Sparky

    Completed Problem with icon 2.0

    Yesterday, I have post a thread about a bugg with the icons https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/trubbles-with-icons-upload.877/#post-5773 This post was closed because there was allready a post of it in github. Yesterday wolverin said that with the next update the bugg was fixed. I made...
  12. Sparky

    Completed Trubbles with icons upload

    Hi, I have make the update of teaspeak to 1.2.16beta2 and I can't see, upload or download the icons anymore. Tests made: FIREWALL Default: no upload able disablind firewall: same restart firewall: same =>the firewall status is so not the trubble (port open voice + 10101 + 30303) TEASPEAK...
  13. Sparky

    Completed Bug with the music bot

    Hi, Yesterday I was playing youtube musics on the bot without any trubble and today I get this message <10:42:42> "Bot Music": An error occurrent while trying to replay the next song! (Failed to initialize player. (Could not spawn new ffmpeg process. Message: Could not get metadata tag ([tcp...
  14. Sparky

    How To install A TeaSpeak Server

    I will explain you step by step how to install a TeaSpeak I will explain it you on 2 linux (DEBIAN & CENTOS) if you have a WINDOWS THERE IS NO INSTALL YET Open a terminal if you host your machine: open it by the Webpanel with a program like PUTTY if you host it at your home open a terminal...
  15. Sparky

    Completed Querry Client not visible

    Hi, We aren't able to see the querry connections anymore as client(querry admin) or by Yatqa Could you fixit pleas thx