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  1. iKaros

    Theme for TeaClient

    good work!
  2. iKaros

    About Sponsorship licenses

    Give me your website to check, please.
  3. iKaros

    About Sponsorship licenses

    Sponsorship work how one NPL, it's the same.
  4. iKaros

    Best VPS For TeaSpeak/TeamSpeak Serve !

    On private-hosting.eu with code "iKaros" you have 3% discount. And I sell too vps soo cheap, panel.unityserv.es to check prices and details.
  5. iKaros

    ¡Eres bienvenido!

    ¡Eres bienvenido!
  6. iKaros

    Pending Error when i try install the server

    Hello, I have tried to install the TeaSpeak for a client, and I have done the procedure that I have always followed and it has given me an error complaining about the 64 bits of the server. I've passed it to 32 bits and this time it gives this error: "./teastart_minimal.sh: line 59...
  7. iKaros

    client version 3.2.1 ( and up ) connection problem

    Hello I have one new fix to all people with the licence if any there don't like wait. Go teamspeak.com, give they 55$ and enjoy your fucking server, but wait, in 365 days u need pay others 55$ xd. If any dont like pay 55$ I think that wait somedays or install one plugin it isn't very...
  8. iKaros

    Information TeaSpeak got a new partner: Tea(m)Speak Web Interface!

    I was translate a lot of cheats to spanish
  9. iKaros

    Completed Server dies

    I was fix, one error when i make CTRL + D and CTRL + A
  10. iKaros

    Completed Server dies

    When I start my server everything is correct, but when I close the terminal or the putty is turned off. Does anyone know why?
  11. iKaros

    Feature request Implement BBCode IMG tag

    It depends on where you climb sometimes works one way or another. For example in imgur you must put jpg or png at the end to make it work. Permissions required: b_channel_modify_description & i_channel_modify_power
  12. iKaros

    Kick from user

    I need the following details to help you: - In which country the server is located - How much transfer has a maximum per month - How many mb / s - From which country are your friends trying to access? - VPS or dedicate? - you are running others services in the same machine?
  13. iKaros

    Completed Nach einiger Zeit kommt kein Ton mehr an!

    Try reinstall all or install on other machine to test it. If you later have the same problem, post again.