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    Pending Error 'the server reached his join attempt limit'

    I run a teaspeak instance with multiple servers + activation licence. When I try to join a specific server that reported me the error (upper red line) I got the message: the server reached his join attempt limit When I try to join any server, from the same instance (bottom red line) my client...
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    Server Tea*Speak badges

    Hello, I just figured out that I only see my badges using Tea*Speak client. I've asked other users and they can't see mine but they can see their own. Anyone facing the same problem? Any fix that I cant find searching for 'badges'? Already looked at config but seems nothing to enable/disable...
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    Failed to setup a server - More than 10 instances?

    Hello, I'm trying to move from Tea*Speak server to TeaSpeak server but when I do all steps found in the link below, my client can't connect to server (using 3.1.10): https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/setup-linux-setting-up-teaspeak-from-0.28/ Error log: Ports are listening: Any...