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    TeaSpeak Music bot WebPanel

    Fatal error: Cannot unset $this in /opt/lampp/docs/teamspeak/libraries/TeamSpeak3/Node/Server.php on line 2272 I got this error with xampp
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    Completed TeaSpeak 1.2.34-beta1 (Permessions) bug

    I got some of that permissions to but was waiting to the first official stable release
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    Bot script with a greeting

    an allready made I don't have but you can build one with planetteamspeak librery I thing :)
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    TeaSpeak Autostart-Script

    it's good but by that why we miss the "live logs" wich can some times help us (I mean this part ./teastart_autorestart.sh attach) but otherwith great job :D
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    Bot script with a greeting

    search for sinusbot it should interest you
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    Couple of Questions about TeaSpeak&TeamSpeak

    yes, you can but if you want more than 32 slots you have to buy a teamspeak licence to still allow teamspeak clients to connect to your servers the second way is to migrate your clients to teaspeak client about the blacklisting you had allready the risico if your teamspeak was a crack version...
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    Server Translation

    personly I went on he's git and I made a copy of the french file wich I edited https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaWeb/tree/master/shared/i18n
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    Server Translation

    ok but not I start my school exams periodes :p so I will not have time anymore to continue :/ So you will hav to wait 3 weeks youhooo :( XD
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    Server Translation

    I know and if you opened the file I didn't removed your pseudo ;) I only edited some rong translations :)
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    Server Translation

    Hi wolverin, I haven't finished yet but here is an update of the french translation file I made de 300 first éléments so until line 2720 but I have some trubbles with 80 éléments I will meet you on teaspeak later in the week to speak about it with you I changed the flag élément to Pyton-Sparky...
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    Server Teaspeak self permissions

    Hi wolverin, could you add an power so that poeples would be able to add themself on a group look like this i_server_goup_self_add_power and i_server_group_self_remove_power thx
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    Server First stable version

    Nice so happy to read it I'm ready to make the update :D
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    Server First stable version

    Hey Wolverin, When will you make the first stable version? I mean with it the first non-beta server? Do you still have lot of work before to make apaire that version? Thx
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    Server Kicked out when client try to put an avatar

    sorry I was busy the last days I will come to meet you on ts when I have a bit free time to show you with tmv
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    Server Kicked out when client try to put an avatar

    No not only with that version 3.1.9 was also test and no I have no error message on the server. The client is cicked out but the teaspeak is still running
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    Server Kicked out when client try to put an avatar

    Hi, I found an client bugg. (Tested on teamspeak client 3.2.3) Teaspeak server version: 1.2.27-beta The clients can't put them avatar anymore when they try to do it they are kicked out of the server With this error You were kicked from the server by the server (Error while command handling!)
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    Completed The user of the group "Admin Server Query" is displayed.

    Could you make an power to the groups to could see the query users?
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    Information TeaSpeak Web

    Hi Wolverin I found a bug with the client we can't start it if we don't have internet so we can't play on a teaspeak server in lan (the server can run in lan but the client can't start without internet)
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    Multiple channel groups

    Hello, I had as suggestion to allow multiple channels groups in one channel or i you have an other idea post it The objectif would be so that a leader would be the admin of he's channels & public channels like meeting or welcome room but he wouldn't have control of the channel from other guilds...
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    Pending Server TeaSpeak Crash

    no idea. How can w downgrade again I forget :p