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  1. WolverinDEV

    Server Reusing virtual server ids after these servers have been deleted

    What exactly? Because if you delete an server the ID gets reused :)
  2. WolverinDEV

    Pending Bug with iconmanager

    Its a script related but, it has nothing todo with TeaSpeak :)
  3. WolverinDEV

    Evaluated Uploading icons to the server does not work

    Are the icons may already uploaded? What does the console say? Do you have another crash dump as well? Because this is something electron related i have no clue of
  4. WolverinDEV

    Information How to get TSviewer/TS3index/gametracker to work.

    GT Should work now (1.3.21-beta1): https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  5. WolverinDEV

    Native Client Interference with Sinus Bot playback

    @yamano I'm not a big fan of hard bass :D Gets annoying after some time :) BTW: May go back to the topic itself :D
  6. WolverinDEV

    Native Client Interference with Sinus Bot playback

    Ahh fuck xD I already know him :D Funny fact is that I cant really search for songs explicitly on YT because I cant write them :D
  7. WolverinDEV

    Native Client Interference with Sinus Bot playback

    Ahh yeahr you mean the little/small fuzz within the music right? I've already noticed that and I'll debug that :) BTW: I really love Russian music! Could you give me the song? Side node: I understand nothing! But I would love to :'(
  8. WolverinDEV

    Pending A critiac error happened

    @MrSaffi any feedback from you?
  9. WolverinDEV


    URL broken :) Will be moved to official again when its working
  10. WolverinDEV

    Pending A critiac error happened

    Ahh lovely! Finnaly!
  11. WolverinDEV

    Pending Channel bug (*spacer)

    Had you tried to resize the client?
  12. WolverinDEV

    Pending A critiac error happened

    Hey, please redownload the client version 1.3.4 and try it out :)
  13. WolverinDEV

    Server Server flooding banned

    Increase the "Points needed to block IP" server property :) PS: I'm sorry for the delay
  14. WolverinDEV

    Native Client Problems with teaspeak client windows

    Hey, I'm sorry for the long delay, but I had a lot of private work. First of all I would like to say thank you for your constructive feedback. 1) Microphone is not being captured correctly Could you describe the issue a bit more? Does the user experience just silence or is there any kind of...
  15. WolverinDEV

    Pending Poke doesn't support BB codes

    Implemented :) Client UI update will be out soon
  16. WolverinDEV

    Pending Channel bug (*spacer)

    Does this error still occur?
  17. WolverinDEV

    Pending In the TEA client 1.2.0 disappeared management of Tea bot

    Yes, but not a major thing :) But side note: I made it worse, not the WebClient does not even display them :D
  18. WolverinDEV

    Web Client voice bridge setup failed

    There is a folder called "logs" :)