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  1. UncleSam

    Web Client TeaWeb (docker) with apache proxy

    Hi there, I want to make TeaWeb available on my own webpage. As I am using a control panel with an Apache2 webserver I cannot redirect port 80 and 443 as they are alread in use. So I made a subdomain and configured Apache2 to proxypass the traffic to my internal TeaWeb (which runs with docker)...
  2. UncleSam

    Docker images

    Hi there, I wanted to use teaspeak server and teaspeak web using docker containers. But all in all I only found outdated versions. So I decided to create my own docker image which is up2date. But after a look into the official docker github (https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaDocker/) I found...
  3. UncleSam

    Pending 1.4.18 Upgrading database failed

    Hallo, wollte eben einen TeaSpeak Server auf meiner Ubuntu Kiste aufsetzen. Allerdings habe ich hier ein Problem: Mit der Version 1.4.14 welche ich zuvor runtergeladen habe, geht es ohne Probleme. Mit der 1.4.18 allerdings, bekomme ich immer folgenden Fehler: Time 11:00:57 date Aug 10 2020...