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  1. dumpmyself

    Announcement Teaspeak Server (Viewer/Basis Paket) 0.1.1 Woltlab & 0.0.1 is Online for you

    This is what? I cant understand your logic...
  2. dumpmyself

    Server Iptables Firewall

    @farhadhelix I do what i want ok? @REDOSS Im checking waiting to a new loop of verification on license, the last time had crash again, after i had make an few more modification's now im waiting again. After if i resolve it i will let everyone know here and maybe post what i had done...
  3. dumpmyself

    Server Iptables Firewall

    Thank you... @mkll11one ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- @Admins if you want you can close this thread.
  4. dumpmyself

    Server Iptables Firewall

    --" Read again, for teaspeak server license!
  5. dumpmyself

    Server Iptables Firewall

    Hello, I had make an iptables rules, blocking all ports and allow only 9987. But i need to know what is the ip of license server to allow connection. [DEBUG] GLOBL | Failed to resolve hostname for license server: result is null [CRITICAL] GLOBL | Failed to validate license: [CRITICAL] GLOBL |...
  6. dumpmyself

    Server WHMCS ERROR

    Texted u im pm
  7. dumpmyself

    Pending high cpu

    Install htop(apt install htop) and double check cpu usage and if you want post here an image.
  8. dumpmyself

    mYDNS.pw - Shared Hosting

    Introducing mYDNS.pw by Oixb! cPanel hosting! mYDNS was created for those who don't always need the full slice of the pie. If you're a starter, student, or just want to host a static website on a budget then mYDNS is for you. Visit the mYDNS.pw website Recuring discount: 50discount If im...
  9. dumpmyself

    Completed Connection lost because server license can not be validated

    Im actually getting this error also
  10. dumpmyself

    Completed License on client 3.2.0

    Hello, I had update config.yml to be able the new client 3.2.0 connect. config.yml But when on client 3.2.0 on the description of the teaspeak server it says. It always says I had change the licence to all numbers possible but on the client 3.2.0 it say whole time No License. Can be my...
  11. dumpmyself


    Soo, if i bought now still lifetime after u change?
  12. dumpmyself


    And another thing, expiration of premium its lifetime??
  13. dumpmyself


    Hello, Its not possible connect with yatqa? When via telenet i do server create and start the server that dont start the server i need to restart instance its any problem?