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  1. DominikEnders


    Yeah, or you use the Tea*Speak balcklist bypass plugin by @WolverinDEV Should be available already.
  2. DominikEnders


    There is also a easy way to bypass this restriction. ;)
  3. DominikEnders


  4. DominikEnders

    More or less. I was only here to support Markus. Sadly I have no longer enough time to do this...

    More or less. I was only here to support Markus. Sadly I have no longer enough time to do this, because of my own projects and my work.
  5. DominikEnders

    Currently I take only care of this forums. Sadly I have at the time not enough time to do more...

    Currently I take only care of this forums. Sadly I have at the time not enough time to do more because of my a-levels.
  6. DominikEnders

    Only responsible for the forums.

    Only responsible for the forums.
  7. DominikEnders

    Completed Problem with "installation"

    Thread closed.
  8. DominikEnders

    open source

    Hello @Gopher, as @WolverinDEV said yesterday, TeaSpeak is no open source software: May this will be changed later, but I dont think so, because of the fact, that TeaSpeak should not be edited by everyone. If this would be the fact the probability that there is a fake software with a backdoor...
  9. DominikEnders

    Dark design

    Thread reopened Hello, I am currently working on the dark theme... Please post your ideas of the design here. Here a first spoiler: http://prntscr.com/hz5ypo
  10. DominikEnders

    Information Premium License

    Dear user, If you're amazed with TeaSpeak and want to support us, you can upgrade your membership to a premium membership. The following informations may be interesting for you. Your benefits as premium user: you support TeaSpeak Project :heart: One TeaSpeak licence = One TeaSpeak server ip...
  11. DominikEnders

    Completed Schönheitsfehler // Small issues

    Please tell us next time xD
  12. DominikEnders

    Information TeaSpeak Team

    Dear user, in this thread you can see all of out current staff members with their assignments. So you are able to get from this thread who is the best contact for your question. Administrator @WolverinDEV Markus is the founder of TeaSpeak. He coded the whole programm on his own, so he is...
  13. DominikEnders

    Completed Schönheitsfehler // Small issues

    Hello @h00n1g4n, thanks for your thread. Because of the fact, that all this issues are - as you said - 'only' smal ones they have lower priority. However, @WolverinDEV will work on them as fast as possible, because we want to get rid of all these mistakes as soon as possible. I already changed...
  14. DominikEnders

    Completed Backup/restore

    @WolverinDEV ^^
  15. DominikEnders

    Premium Benefits?

    Hello @Doctor Tree, I dont no the actual benefits you get by supporting TeaSpeak via a premium membership. @WolverinDEV can give you all informations about this. Please wait for his reply.
  16. DominikEnders


    In the future ther will be a change about this. I also got this information by reading a conversation. Maybe i got something wrong while reading. May WolverinDEV can give you more informations about this topic.
  17. DominikEnders

    Information Guide - Please read!

    Dear user, if you found a issue while using TeaSpeak you are absolutly right here to inform us about the problem. To make it possible for us to work on your report as fast as possible it is absolutly necessary to give us all informations you have and to describe the issue in detail. If you...
  18. DominikEnders


    Hello @Leprechaun, there is a maximum of 254 slots, because otherwise hosters and several services would be able to rent servers without our agreement. Because of this restriction they have to request a hoster license by @WolverinDEV. WolverinDEV will answer your other questions as soon as...
  19. DominikEnders

    Completed Changlog

    Hello, may we can create a thread or offer some other posibillity for this until this feature is redeay to use. I will discuss this with @WolverinDEV :)
  20. DominikEnders

    Completed need reconnect 2x query

    Thread closed.