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    Pending serverquery problem

    You probably meant other way around, login before use. I didnt know that clients with b_virtualserver_select_godmode are not registered in the channel tree. Yes, I was testing it with serveradmin account, who is a member of Admin Server Query where b_virtualserver_select_godmode is on. Without...
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    Pending serverquery problem

    Critical part is - some poor fellow will be scratching head wondering why channel text messages are lost. And most of the fellas use libraries for query, where default behavior to login before use. Tea*Speak dont reconnect query clients to virtual server on stop-start, but TeaSpeak does, and...
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    Pending serverquery problem

    Version:TeaSpeak 1.4.22 (13.12.2020 15:28:52) using https://github.com/TeaSpeak/TeaSpeak/blob/master/documentation/ServerQueryNotify.md Real problem is in scenario 2, visibility doesnt really matter. scenario 1: connect use - #at this point query client is visible like that...
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    Pending serverquery problem

    Hi! Testing version TeaSpeak-Server v1.4.22-beta [Build: 1601816990] (same on TeaSpeak-Server v1.4.20 [Build: 1600112326]), problems: 1. While connecting as serverquery client with global serveradmin, with login first and use after: a) command servernotifyregister event=textchannel has no...
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    unable to properly shutdown

    Teaserver constantly unable to shutdown properly. This is version 1.4.20, but same thing happened with 1.4.14 - every log ends with "Failed to shutdown all event loops successfully." and "Could not shutdown server within 30 seconds! (Hangup!)" But this is the first time it actually crashed with...
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    Information Snapshot help

    After deploying snapshot on teaspeak chanells ID`s remain the same, unlike tea*speak. Are those id`s are always same or there are exceptions? Is there a way to do the same with groups ID`s, preserve them?