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    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    So just my 3 cents in 2022: 1. Never forget that people love free stuff and always crowd it. Thus no matter what you plan, you should absolutely focus on providing top-notch free functionality to magnet as many users as possible in the first place. The critical mass needs to be reached. More...
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    Are you looking for quality hosting for your game or voice server?

    Hello, Is anyone in here looking for a private hosting deal based on OVH's game server line? Just looking for a few users to lower my monthly costs. Great resources: i7-7700K, 64GB, NVMe raid, 1 gbps symmetric line, and game firewall. The machine is basically idle right now, I will provide a...
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    Is there a light theme for TeaClient?

    Thanks a lot, @Vafin, when reading up on that topic I also learned a lot. It seems like themes aren't exactly easy done.
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    Is there a light theme for TeaClient?

    An online library could help with that. Just created a topic about it in suggestions.
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    Better custom themes implementation

    Yep, I have just edited my question.
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    Better custom themes implementation

    Since there is only the dark theme available in the TeaClient by default, while css control is all there, don't you think it would be amazing not to just allow to export/import but also to connect to some centralized "library"? Possibly with votes, ownership of a particular theme, etc. to make...
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    Is there a light theme for TeaClient?

    Yep, saw that, meaning everyone has to work it on his own and it takes time with so many items there. It would be cool and made more sense if one could export the custom css settings to let others use them. I asked as I was hoping that there were some ready made css sets available.
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    Is there a light theme for TeaClient?

    Dark theme seems cool but I really prefer a light one. Is there one available?
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    teaspeak cracked version info !!

    And this question doesn't really belong in crash reports, either.
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    Server high cpu usage

    What hoster is that? Many cheap hosters tend to oversell node's computing power so you can't really trust those usage numbers. In case of virtual cores, when you don't control the node, you never know what cpu power you got any given moment, I have seen that many times back in the day. They tell...
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    Server Maybe a solution to DDoS

    Not much to add, besides the fact, that running your public server on an unprotected host will lead to issues sooner or later, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. For that reason, my very first question when I arrived here was: is TeaSpeak protocol compatible with the original one so my OVH...
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    This server is blacklisted. Refusing to connect.

    Thank you, @REDOSS. I would say that making people stick to TeaSpeak client/server makes more sense then.
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    This server is blacklisted. Refusing to connect.

    When blacklisting, do they always block just the IP or can they go after the domain as well? Also, in the old good days it was failry easy to patch the client to ignore blacklist. Still a thing these days? Is teaspeak client/server software free to use without any limitations or does it...
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    Feature request Other DBs support

    Do i understand correctly that TeaSpeak can't use MySQL atm? Only sqlite supported?
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    Server out dated

    Do you still need a client plugin to connect when using 3.2.x?