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  1. Pamonha

    Pending the virtualserver channel limit has been reached

    Good afternoon! Recently I came across the message of limit of reached channels, I looked for something related in the forum I didn't find anything related. I looked for some information even in the permissions, I found limitations for conversations, but not for permissions. I noticed that in...
  2. Pamonha

    Pending Client move semantics

    Some situations have been happening since the beginning of version 1.4.x, in this recently released version there are still some bugs. -> Moving a user, even if his tag has the power of 75, is prevented from being moved due to an insufficient power error. -> I did a test to remove my total...
  3. Pamonha


    Report generated by the new version.
  4. Pamonha

    Pending i_permission_modify_power

    I am getting this error, when I try to modify the speech power of a channel group, even if I have the Server Query tag. My modification at first was done by yatqa, but without success receiving the error attached. Subsequently, I tried for the teaspeak client .. also without success .. Finally...
  5. Pamonha

    Server Problem with snapshot

    I am trying to migrate a snapshot file generated by yatqa from a teaspeak server to a teaspeak server, in version 1.3.25 but I am not successful in the procedure and I end up receiving the following error on the screen. I tried to do a test with the stable version 1.4.10 and I get the same...
  6. Pamonha

    crash teaspeak

    I'm having problems with all my teaspeak servers. I use the following versions TeaSpeak-1.3.20-beta-1 TeaSpeak-1.3.22-beta-12 TeaSpeak-1.3.23-beta All crash logs are attached.
  7. Pamonha

    Evaluated My free TS

    So personal .. Lately I have seen that several teaspeak servers are getting blacklist just because they use the platform .. regardless of how many users or license they are using .. For some time, in my business I use a network correction system where I inspire my users to correct the blacklist...
  8. Pamonha

    Native Client Problems with teaspeak client windows

    I have been for some days encouraging my users to migrate definitively to teaspeak, since the use of Tea*Speak is becoming impossible every day by the exchange variation of the US dollar and the horrible support that I have received there. However, several users have reported problems with the...
  9. Pamonha

    Needs evaluation Crash server

    This morning I was upgrading from version 1.3.15 to version 1.3.17-beta1 and after the update process when I turned on the environment, I ended up getting an error. Follow the crash.
  10. Pamonha

    Server Description of channels and users

    I would like to customize the description of channels and users that just adhere to my teaspeak servers, I would like to know how to do this ..
  11. Pamonha

    crash 1.3.11-beta-2

    I'm using the optimized version, and I'm having a crash experience in a few moments. Follow the dmp.
  12. Pamonha

    Completed New license

    I am trying to get a license for the new system, but I can not .. every attempt to access is directed to an error.
  13. Pamonha

    Server crashed

    My server have been crashing some time, since version 1.3.0 have been having these problems, even increasing features, improving hardware performance, using the optimized version. Even with all my efforts, I can not avoid them .. I am using version 1.3.6 and the problem continues, my biggest...
  14. Pamonha

    Completed Permissions

    Hello, is there any way to work on multiple groups at once? remove and add permissions.
  15. Pamonha

    Server automatically closing every 30 minutes.

    After upgrading to optimized version 1.3.1 the server within 30 minutes automatically closes .. Follow crash report
  16. Pamonha

    Completed Welcome poke.

    How can I disable this message? Even deleting the contents of the teamspeak_permission_editor line still gets a poke with no messages.
  17. Pamonha

    Completed Auto kick icon upload

    When I try to send, delete or reload the icon folder on any of the servers I am kicked out of it immediately and get the following error in the process. Usage version: 1.3.0-beta optimized
  18. Pamonha

    Completed see other users

    Hello I'm having a little problem after upgrading to version 1.3.0 optimized. The new servers I create, I just can not see other users inside the server. I know there must be another topic here, if you can inform me so I can take the necessary steps to correct the problem, I would appreciate...
  19. Pamonha

    Maximum number of users

    Recently a user on my platform informed me that I was able to modify the maximum number of slots even though the b_virtualserver_modify_maxclients permission is set to 100 modifier power, and my server's maximum power is 75. I then tried unsuccessfully to prevent jobs from actually modifying...
  20. Pamonha

    Server Cleaning files hosted on servers

    Hey guys! Tranquility? I'm having a hard time when it comes to cleaning or managing the files hosted on my servers, is there any practical way to delete all the files and leave the servers with no content? Why delete the files? Every day i make backups to keep everything more comfortable before...