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  1. Neonn

    Native Client Some Native and Web Client bugs

    English Hello, I found a few bugs for the native and web client. Native Client: » If you sometimes start Screenshare, the Screenshare settings window is skipped » If you want to stream a game in full screen, that is not possible because as soon as you are in the TeaClient, the game disappears...
  2. Neonn

    Web Client Web Client error | Fixed

    Hello, I downloaded the latest version of the web client from Github and put it on my server. Fixed, older version works idk why
  3. Neonn

    Server Connect with Tea * Speak on a Tea*Speak Server

    Hello I’m new to TeaSpeak and do not really have much experience. I wanted to ask how it is possible to connect to my TeaSpeak server with Tea*Speak ? Thank you in advance :)