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  1. eduardoroeder

    Pending Error logging into YAQTA

    What is the error? What did you do?
  2. eduardoroeder

    make separate yatqa login for each server(complicated question)

    As far as I know, "Serveradmin" is hardcoded to have permission for ALL servers. If you have seen someone have multiple query ports per machine, he probably is using docker to have multiple TS3 instances running at the same time each one with one virtual server and exposing the query and voice...
  3. eduardoroeder

    TeaSpeak Project Future

    I would get involved if the project took another approach. I'm not going to waste my personal time into something I don't believe. But I do hope you guys achieve what you want, without hard feelings or anything else. Also, in your plans you didn't mean to manage anything from the voice server...
  4. eduardoroeder

    TeaSpeak Project Future

    Well, I understand the wanting to join the Crypto world but in my opinion it has a few setbacks. I know you didn't ask my opinion, but ill send you anyways. First of them is that it is a little bit late. The crypto/NFT-hype has passed. Sure thing crypto will always be there and it's a way to...
  5. eduardoroeder

    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    Well, I understand what you say and the arguments you said are strong. I didn't mean to refer that "it is strong because it is closed source" neither that "being closed source IMPROVES security". What I meant was that old versions are now subject to exploits because the possible flaws are open...
  6. eduardoroeder

    Golang TSQuery connection

    Hahahaha don't mind THEFLASHHD Sorry, can't help you in golang aswell. The best answer would be actually don't relying on public available frameworks but build your own on top of the existing.
  7. eduardoroeder

    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    Personally, I preffered that he didn't open source the WHOLE code, but relevant parts. Having TS3 protocol completely reversed and open sourced (client/server) is good in some ways but widens the attack surface of the current running servers, since now any hacker/cracker can look into the source...
  8. eduardoroeder

    GRPHacking Chat PHP & HTML Release

    Really suspicious Github .zip download on external site...
  9. eduardoroeder

    "logview" Command to be supported and brought back

    How is the instancelogs database loaded in the server? Thinking on doing a cron job to purge all data older than X time, but idk if that would bug out the database access locks or something.
  10. eduardoroeder

    Offline server use?

    Well, the thing is that nobody actually read the OP question in details. @WolverinDEV announced in TeaSpeak homepage that TeaSpeak has "Offline / LAN functionality" (just like TS3). The thing is: it is possible to run a TS3 in a computer without internet access (only for LAN, aka Local Area...
  11. eduardoroeder

    Server hardware ban

    If you create a group and append it to the user, it will be bound to his identity. So it doesn't solve his issue... Changing client identity is easy and doesnt require any knowledge to bypass that ban then.
  12. eduardoroeder

    Server Databases

    Thanks for the tutorial @BIOS. But in the end, it is only a rewrite from the github script to explain how to copy the data itself. There is no orientation relating the configuration of TeaSpeak to actually connect to the MYSQL db. The other points about the database server would be really...
  13. eduardoroeder

    Server Databases

    Can't read @BIOS? Please, if you are a STAFF MEMBER you should address stuff as a STAFF MEMBER, not a copy paste. I already told in the main post that I already know how to migrate the database itself, but not configure Tea to use the target databases (sqlite uses a file, mysql uses either a...
  14. eduardoroeder

    Server Databases

    Hey, I had an incident earlier this week in which the default sqlite DB got corrupted and had to rollback to an earlier one... The backups some of them were corrupted aswell, since I basically copy the sqlite file with the WAL+SHM files, yet it didn't quite work in the first place. Already fixed...
  15. eduardoroeder

    Pending Upgrade order - crash and couple of errors

    Don't see any crash report or information to not update to 1.5.6 b2... As you can see, I've tryied updating one by one, changing between minor version . I don't see why I would need to go all through the betas since some of the betas might just break the whole database (I remember that somewhere...
  16. eduardoroeder

    Pending Upgrade order - crash and couple of errors

    Hey! I've been using 1.4.22 since it's release, and I've experienced a crash every 20ish days, nothing to call my attention. So I'm wanting to upgrade to the latest version (1.5.6 b2). Tryied to update directly from 1.4.22 and got a crash, then updated procedurally in the following order...
  17. eduardoroeder

    Information TeaSpeak meets video!

    Is YaTQA support discontinued aswell? What does the YaTQA-like announcement means?
  18. eduardoroeder

    +REP, 2 years buying without issues

    +REP, 2 years buying without issues
  19. eduardoroeder

    Native Client TSDNS does not work in the new version 1.5.2-1

    Is it really planned to drop TSDNS support for the client? In my opinion ITS another thing that makes a bonus for users to use TeaClient over TS3 clients... People can then only use TeaClient to connect to both Tea and TS3. If TSDNS support is removed, users Will fallback to the ts3 client...
  20. eduardoroeder

    Server HWID Bans

    HWID is for TeaClient only? If the user format OS Will the HWID change? Is HWID ban possible for TS3 clients aswell?