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  1. Alexandru Andrei

    Hey I Need Help "OFF Topic"

    hi I need your own I have a Forum ie IPS 4.4.8 and I need Plugins do you know where I can get them from? Without paying ?
  2. Alexandru Andrei

    Tea*Speak/TeaSpeak Badges

    Tea*Speak/TeaSpeak Badges christmas christmas code : 5TN1PV1HHS
  3. Alexandru Andrei

    About Sponsorship licenses

    Do you know something about that? and a NPL? Sponsorship licencese
  4. Alexandru Andrei

    Completed Error ./teastart_minimal.sh

    Any Idea? how to fix? Version TeaSpeak-1.3.12-bet optimized
  5. Alexandru Andrei

    Help ! Set ip-static

    Hi I have a problem last night I bought a new IP and not connected to the VPS I made a ticket and they gave me this link do you know how I can proceed?
  6. Alexandru Andrei

    Server Warning TeaSpeak ! Help

    Help any idea Without reinstall TeaSpeak server ?
  7. Alexandru Andrei

    Help !

    we found a RCE (Remote Code Execution) in Tea*Speak 3. We reported this to Tea*Speak but we could have turned Tea*Speak 3 into a botnet platform. Find out here: from : noreplyteamspeak What is this?
  8. Alexandru Andrei

    Completed High Ping on TeaSpeak 1.3.9-beta

    Hello and normal that the server ping 183ms or other times 222ms with 23/24 players online
  9. Alexandru Andrei

    Best VPS For TeaSpeak/Tea*Speak Serve !

    Hi I'm looking for vps for Tea*Speak/TeaSpeak with DDoS protection and payment methods (PayPal /Visa/PaySafeCard) preferable in Germny / France / Netherland I wait for your answers! Thanks!
  10. Alexandru Andrei

    Completed TeaSpeak 1.3.8-b (Packet resend failed, connection timeout)

    Please Fix! This! My VPS 2 CPU cores 20GB SSD Storage 2GB RAM Fair Use Traffic
  11. Alexandru Andrei

    Outdated i need Help

    How can I fix it? P. s I put a backup of TeamSpeak3