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    Server Crash

    If i were able to update i've already did that. Everytime i try to update, it starts crashing on start.
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    Server Crash

    1.4.22 and 1.4.18
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    Server Crash

    Since yesterday, two of my servers started crashing for no reason, i've attached the two crash dumps
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    Moving from sqlite to Mariadb/mysql

    Hi, if i have data stored on the sqlite archive is there a way to migrate to mysql/mariadb without losing the data? or if i put a mariadb database it will be automatically converted from sqlite to mariadb?
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    +1 sold fast

    +1 sold fast
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    Server HWID Bans

    When i click on that it doesn't gets marked
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    Server HWID Bans

    is there a way to do that on serveral servers at same time without joining one by one?
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    Server HWID Bans

    I saw in the logs that when a user joins a server, their HWID is logged, is there a way to ban that HWID from the server using any internal/external method/application? So if he tries to connect to the server he will not be able to join because he should be HWID banned and can't even ping the server
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    Pending Cannot upgrade from older version

    I wanted to update from TeaSpeak version 15 and i i get this [2021-03-05 12:28:49] [INFO ] GEN | Setting up exception handler [2021-03-05 12:28:49] [INFO ] GEN | Loading configuration [2021-03-05 12:28:49] [INFO ] GEN | Setting up logging [2021-03-05 12:28:49] [INFO ] GEN | Starting...
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    (SUGGESTION) Refer Link / Affiliate system

    Thanks. I changed the prefix to SUGGESTION
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    (SUGGESTION) Refer Link / Affiliate system

    I want to know if there is an affiliate system like for example if someone registers or download the TeaSpeak with my link, i get a point and with a certain amount of points i can get the Premium membership. We can promote TeaSpeak and as a reward we can get the premium membership.
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    Pending blacklist

    Even with the weblist disabled they still gets blacklisted. The only solution would be blocking the entire IP addresses of TS* so they can't even ping the server and will think it's offline
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    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    From my point of view the most annoying part of TeaSpeak is that the other company blacklist the TeaSpeak servers for no reason, i had to change at least 15 times the ip address of my instance, if you can fix that, i would be okay to pay a monthly fee or a license for using TeaSpeak
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    Pending Snapshot error

    Since i updated from TeaSpeak 1.14* to 1.20-22 i cannot create snapshots with the tea m speak format using YatQA and they're being created with a format like snapshot_version=3 data=KLUv\/aDPvgQAnO0Aqi.....................................(lots of random letters) And before they were being...
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    Pending Mysql connect error

    I never was able to fix it, i'm still using sqlite
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    Pending TeaSpeak serverquery command error

    I'm using WHMCS with TS3 module and it worked fine until i tried to update to php 7.3, but when i changed back to php 7.0, the module stopped recognizing the teaspeak servers and i get this on the console [2020-07-30 00:17:45] [INFO ] QUERY | Got new authenticated client. Username: serveradmin...
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    Pending Mysql connect error

    My password has only characters, not symbols
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    Pending Mysql connect error

    How i can do that? Is there a way to know what is the current one?