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  1. farhadhelix

    Pending permission issue

    Hello guys what is diffrence between these two permission? i_server_group_member_add_power i_group_member_add_power ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- @WolverinDEV i have a serious issue here . ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- the issue i found is about channel group...
  2. farhadhelix

    Server icon issue

    hello i have upgraded to 1.4.0b2 but all icons are not shown anymore and every i_icon_id from all virtualservers and all permission is gone and the server icons are not there anymore(i can see them in icon folder for the virtualserver but they seems to not be there)
  3. farhadhelix

    Server reseller system

    Hello i was thinking of reseller . @WolverinDEV can you add this feature to the teaspeak project ?
  4. farhadhelix

    Server channel group Template

    Hello @WolverinDEV channel group templates are not showing server group templates are ok and are shown in list but channel group templates are not shown in the list may you check this out?
  5. farhadhelix

    Completed bug in query console using yatqa

    Hello wolve i just find a bug which i explain below a serveradmin rank or anyrank with complete permission that can do anything in the server is working without problem via Tea*Speak client but if you create a serverquery login for that rank and start using yatqa with it , it dont have full...
  6. farhadhelix

    Server .mbot command

    Hello if you type .mbot on the channel the musicbot will say something can this be disabled? because if someone do this he can find out this server is teaspeak and we want to hide it
  7. farhadhelix

    Completed Failed to parse song info: failed to load info provider

    Hello in new version i cannot get teamusic to work Failed to parse song info: failed to load info provider on any command any clue?
  8. farhadhelix

    Server How To manually upgrade TeaSpeak version to newer one

    Hello for those who dont know how to upgrade their teaspeak server version to newer one read these simple instruction first login to your linux server using SSH go to your installation of teaspeak for example we assume you installed it on /home/yourusername/teaspeakserver CODE : cd...
  9. farhadhelix

    Completed some bug ( 1.3.3b)

    hello wolv one of my customers reporting that when they do click on another client it does not show up the current client profile and it just somehow lock on a specific client. and second thing is sometimes when they private message someone it goes to somebody else! in other word to say ...
  10. farhadhelix

    Server cpu usage

    hello teaspeak consuming about 4x more than Tea*Speak. can you work on this issue to reduce cpu usage on next updates?
  11. farhadhelix

    Completed Disconnected from server (authentication server not connected)

    hi clients recieving Disconnected from server (authentication server not connected) what is the problem?
  12. farhadhelix

    Completed Disconnected from server (channel not empty)

    Hello i just saw this bug happening when you create a channel. then a subchannel inside it and then you delete the main channel all clients getting disconnection with the error Disconnected from server (channel not empty)
  13. farhadhelix

    Completed b_permission_modify_power_ignore

    hello it seems this permission not working at all with this permission tick i you have to do all edits in permissions and other server groups and ... without problem but its not working
  14. farhadhelix

    Pending database seems getting the previous data after crash!

    hi today my server crashed and many users reported their servers returned to the last day! i have checked and saw yes all the configs seems to be returned at 24 past how can this be possible?
  15. farhadhelix


    Hello wolverine have you thought about writing own client version? if you do this your project totaly become separate from Tea*Speak stuffs and become a brand for yourself
  16. farhadhelix

    running multiple Tea*Speak server

    Hello guys anyone know a method how to run multiple instance of servers in a single vps? i mean the original Tea*Speak server without license (32 slot) it cant be run due to error log that says " local accounting reports an already running instance, instance will shutdown " im trying to...
  17. farhadhelix

    high cpu usage

    Hello im feeling teaspeak using high cpu because i have Tea*Speak with 800 users using same cpu as teaspeak with 150 users
  18. farhadhelix

    about musicbot commands

    hello guys i can use bot to stream radios but i cant understand how to use .mbot player (provider) (bla..) how can i use my own .mp3 musics and how do i have to do that? thank you
  19. farhadhelix

    Completed disconnect all client

    hi we have an issue its about disconnecting all clients getting disconnected with this error <00:02:53> "Potentate" disconnected (disconnected) <00:02:54> "Surprise-" disconnected (disconnected) <00:02:54> "fl0m" disconnected (disconnected) <00:02:55> "rango" disconnected (disconnected)...
  20. farhadhelix

    about No ping response

    Hello i see many reporting about this error my clients suffering from this issue and reporting to me that they get random disconnect with (No ping response) error is this gonna be fixed or is this have any current fix ? i glad for some helps thank you