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  1. alisb

    Beste seller ❤

    Beste seller ❤
  2. alisb

    Pending i_server_group_modify_power cant changed

    can you exactly how i can edit it ?
  3. alisb

    Pending i_server_group_modify_power cant changed

    Hi i have a problem i cant changed need modify power or another permission how i can fix this problem ?
  4. alisb

    Transfer Icon Error

    Hi you shoud change default file port in config.yum file: #The value must be a positive numeric value between 1 and 65535 port:
  5. alisb

    Server Crash

    you can use TeaSpeak-1.5.6-beta-2.tar.gz This version of TeaSpeak has not problem.
  6. alisb

    Pending i cannt upload icons

    whats best optimized version ?
  7. alisb

    Pending i cannt upload icons

    https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_stable/ Index of /server/linux/amd64_stable/ stable version 1.4.22 how i can download laste stable version ?
  8. alisb

    Pending i cannt upload icons

    1.4.22 stable
  9. alisb

    Pending i cannt upload icons

    Hi i cannt icon on my server <21:49:12> Transfer "icon_3119638842" reports: (virtual server got a critical error) How i fix it?
  10. alisb

    The best service :D

    The best service :D
  11. alisb

    Pending Freeze All Servers

    we cannt move to other channel we cannt disconnect we cannt get client connection info and ... when i disable upload download on teaspeak servers this problem solved.
  12. alisb

    Pending Crash Users

    Hi, when one user change own description all users has been crashed with this error ( <00:50:31> Disconnected from server (convert error) ) version 1.5.0 b11 my Tea*Speak client version : 3.5.6 Windows
  13. alisb

    Pending Freeze All Servers

    Hi, My All TeaSpeak servers are freezed disk monitoring : upload dowload on my disk !
  14. alisb

    Server nightly vs optimized

    what's difference between ( amd64_nightly version and amd64_optimized ) ?
  15. alisb

    Pending Bildschirm / Video-Übertragung funktioniert nicht | Screen / video transmission does not work

    Hi, Has the crash problem been resolved in beta6? i use 1.4.22 now.
  16. alisb

    Application crashed : TeaSpeak-1.5.0-beta-5

    hellow any idea for debug this problem ?
  17. alisb

    Crash TeaSpeak 1.5.0 b1

    Hi do you can fix this bug on 1.5.0 b2 ?
  18. alisb

    Crash TeaSpeak 1.5.0 b1

    check new crash log yes i will disable all sinusbots now.
  19. alisb

    Crash TeaSpeak 1.5.0 b1

    thats new exploit or ..but?