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  1. BIOS

    TeaSpeak Web Interface Host/Client

    no outdated and i think he has left the project
  2. BIOS

    Pending ip range ban regex didn’t works

    We do not give support related with third party clients. Use yatqa or teaspeak client. You can always use iptables. //closed
  3. BIOS

    Help! Can't bind to port

  4. BIOS

    Pending Server version error

    This was already answered several times. You can use the forum search option to search about such kind of things. Third party related clients are not officially supported by us. Use teaspeak client, it will work. TeaSpeak Android app? We do not have any official android apk, only Windows and...
  5. BIOS

    Blacklist FİX

    Use TeaSpeak client and you will not have such problems.
  6. BIOS

    Server How to add some extra security to your VPS?

    Problem is most ppls have an dynamic IP Adress from there isp. So he put out the power cable, insert them and got an new ip.
  7. BIOS

    Server How to add some extra security to your VPS?

    You forgot modsecurity for websites. If they installed on the vps. ;)
  8. BIOS

    Server TeaSpeak Query Login Error

    The web interface uses admin.class or php framework?
  9. BIOS

    Server TeaSpeak Query Login Error

    It's correct. Followed steps you have to do. 1. Stop instance 2. Edit config.yml line motd: 3.start instance and it will work.
  10. BIOS

    Server TeaSpeak Query Login Error

    Teaspeak motd, will not work with any Tea*Speak panel. Only with Tea*Speak motd it will works.. Thanks for reading the config.yml file :cautious:
  11. BIOS

    Server TeaSpeak Query Login Error

    read my last comment that will solve your problem.
  12. BIOS

    Outdated WHMCS Modules

    Selling module source codes. Teaspeak and Tea*Speak 150€ One of it 80€. Accept PayPal and some crypto currencys. Discord: BIOS#0785 Telegram: @BIOS01 Skype: Admindudu1
  13. BIOS

    [Unofficial] TeaSpeak Client for Android

    So to also give my opinion. We should remain realistic and objective. The conflicts between the individual represented parties have to be carried out here now times not publicly. But apart from that, @yamano is right. THEFLASHHD you have started x projects and so far none are finished! where...
  14. BIOS

    Server 400 User High CPU HELP

    That was an account who has hacked the email addresses. Mostly Gmail email accounts.. And spam random advertisements on forums
  15. BIOS

    Server Blacklist

    Don't use third party clients and you will not get blacklisted!
  16. BIOS

    Server 400 User High CPU HELP

    to many turkish ppls uses teaspeak so he can share with there experiance with hosters
  17. BIOS

    Pending How to specify protocol_key.txt path?

    I don't know why all Turkish people thing it's an Turkish forum and anyone understand there language... Forum language is English!
  18. BIOS

    Feature request Changing the name of TeaSpeak

    He still own the whole project. The thing is he have no time for it.
  19. BIOS

    Server 400 User High CPU HELP

    I have found that it is mostly the misconfiguration of the hosting provider. In several cases I have already experienced that either the CPU load is very high or the RAM is massive. Maybe we should publish a list of hosts where there are absolutely no problems with teaspeak.
  20. BIOS

    Feature request Changing the name of TeaSpeak

    Wolverine is gone away. The teaspeak team will develop the whole think. So we still recruiting coders to bring to you the next level sh*t. Currently we have to order freelancer to bring updates... And it massively sucks...