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  1. WolverinDEV

    Information Setup the WebClient rightly (TeaServer)

    Small update: This tutorial will be obsolete soon. The server is currently already shipped with the newest libnice and will sonly automatically have a valid SSL certificate!
  2. WolverinDEV

    Server Ready rooms

    YatQA, or via telnet directly.
  3. WolverinDEV

    1.4.2-beta-1 (crash_dumps)

    I'll take a look when I'm at home :) Does your server crash while running or just when you stop it?
  4. WolverinDEV

    teaspeak closes itself

    1.4.3 is running as expected with libnice build in :D So no need to install libnice. Next milestone will be to somehow trick the certificate stuff :D But I've already an idea how todo that.
  5. WolverinDEV

    Native Client Not all icons are displayed in the native client

    Could be both. Either the client had tried to load the icons, but failed and cached the fail. Or it has just issues displaying the icon. Are there any file transfer requests when joining the server? As well you've tried to clean the cache? (Esiest doable via dev tools :))
  6. WolverinDEV

    teaspeak closes itself

    subscription? What do you mean?
  7. WolverinDEV

    Pending teaspeak /etc/hosts ??

    TeaSpeak dont take the hosts file into account :)
  8. WolverinDEV

    teaspeak closes itself

    I mean the folder: crash_dumps :) Is there anything in it? As well I recommand v1.3.26-beta-1 (from optimized)
  9. WolverinDEV

    teaspeak closes itself

    Does it has any crash dumps etc?
  10. WolverinDEV

    Pending Weird tick erros

    Hey, dies ist mir auch schon aufgefallen, und ich bin schon dabei dies zu fixen. Erstmal ist dies aber nicht Critical :)
  11. WolverinDEV

    server version is too old for command

    //Not a crash, moved
  12. WolverinDEV

    Server Ready rooms

    You could edit the default channel tree within the default server (VS 0). use 0 channelcreate channel_name=IDK\s:)
  13. WolverinDEV

    Pending Unable to install the latest version.

    As said in chat. Dont use these version :) They're not even within the "latest" index :) ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Update: My fault. It was a bug fix which was not like expected.
  14. WolverinDEV

    Teaspeak stop?

  15. WolverinDEV

    Teaspeak stop?

    Log would be helpfull, as well the shutdown message :)
  16. WolverinDEV

    Pending Push to talk not inehiring from groups/channels

    Okey, I'll have a gaze later :)
  17. WolverinDEV

    Pending Push to talk not inehiring from groups/channels

    Dont use the TS3 permission editor as said so many times. Because Tea*Speak has a bug in there so they dont support more than 255 permissions it wount work correctly. Use TeaClient, TeaWeb or YatQa :)
  18. WolverinDEV

    Pending Disconnecting all

    As soon 1.4.2 is fully out :)
  19. WolverinDEV

    Pending resets settings

    Which settings exactly?
  20. WolverinDEV

    Pending Voice freeze on 70+ users on channel

    Well I love to see such detailed investigation. Normally users just blame the software for errors :D And you really got the main point. 100 users spread across a lot of channel make less traffic than 100 users in one channel. Simple formula: 300bps * (<user count> - 1) ^ <concurrent speakers>...