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    Pending teaspeak /etc/hosts ??

    Is the host file correct as follows? Do I need to delete them? ipcheck2.Tea*Speak.com backupaccounting2.Tea*Speak.com accounting2.Tea*Speak.com Tea*Speak.com accounting.Tea*Speak.com
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    teaspeak closes itself

    0mCould not shutdown query client socket! 107 I couldn't tell from logs. log: https://www.dosya.tc/server23/3cnwk4/logs.zip.html
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    Teaspeak stop?

    600 people online while the server shut down. server offline for no reason which log record should I review? ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- How should the /etc/hosts file content be?
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    Ts3 to ts5

    Hello How do I translate ts3 sql i teaspeak?
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    Whmcs tsdns ?

    Hello , Do you have tsdns for whms?
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    Pending Connection lost because server license can not be validated

    error and began to update after the update https://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64_optimized/TeaSpeak-1.4.1-beta.tar.gz same in the last update.
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    teaspeak whmcs modüle ?

    Hello After updating teaspeak I started to get errors. No problem in my old situation. in my new situation this way. Whmcs modüle Error: too many simultaneously connected sessions ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ----...
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    Evaluated teaspeak microphone disabled

    Hello, The microphone comes off in all powers. I can not.
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    Completed 3.3.1 invalid license

    Hello, cause the warning in the picture. doing the current situation. Version: 3.3.1
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    Pending Teaspeak mbot

    Got an error while trying to load next song: Failed to parse song info: failed to load info provider. Local installed FFMPEG version (4.1.1) is okey. No need to install FFMPEG. Local YouTube-DL version (2019.06.08) is okey. No need to install it couldn't help me run a tour?
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    Pending Help

    How do I edit the automatic rooms that are created when I create ts?
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    Pending 3.3.0 not implemented

    how to close the error from the server?
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    Pending certificate invalid date

    hello Teaspeak 1.3.19 I get the error in the version. <22:02:15> Disconnected from server (certificate invalid date)
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    Completed Help?

    You reached the maximal virtual server limit.