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  1. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    My translation has it, but for some reason it still doesn't appear in Russian. 🤷‍♂️ ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Still, I can't reproduce the link from time to time. The message says that the song is singing, but there is no sound. Even if look through htop, you can see that...
  2. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    I translated, but it is not displayed in Russian. Please check this with yourself.
  3. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    Everything seems to be working properly now. I like the new design of the music bot. I've even translated the bot's control panel.
  4. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    Yes. The first few songs can be played normally, but the next ones can't be played. If you want, I can make a video of what it looks like. ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Please check the crash dump. This happened when I was playing with music bots on different virtual servers.
  5. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    I can't say anything about the processor yet. In terms of CPU usage, so far everything is good. But there was a problem of the following nature, often when I try to play a link to a song, the bot does not want to play it, I do not observe any errors. Sometimes it helps if I delete the bot and...
  6. Vafin

    Crash dupm TeaSpeak-1.4.9-beta

    Yes, it seems that something similar happened. I think I was creating or deleting a virtual server using YaTQA at the time
  7. Vafin

    Crash dupm TeaSpeak-1.4.9-beta

    Strangely, the server was running when this happened.
  8. Vafin

    Native Client Need to add a context menu "Copy", "Paste".

    @WolverinDEV hi! I'm still waiting :)
  9. Vafin

    Crash dupm TeaSpeak-1.4.9-beta

    The server crashed for no reason
  10. Vafin

    Pending The bot loaded the processor

    The problem is still not solved. It happened again today (1.4.8-beta 11).
  11. Vafin

    Pending Beta11 I config music: enabled: 0 default_music_bot: 0 But the bot is still connected It is only when Create New Server

    @WolverinDEV , I have now checked this on my server, I have the same problem.
  12. Vafin

    Add additional functionality for managing the music bot.

    Please add functions for adjusting the volume level as well as managing repetitions of a song or playlist.
  13. Vafin

    Server Unable to delete a chat message (1.4.8-beta10)

    I can't delete chat messages, even though I have all the permissions to do so. https://recordit.co/wEGIaTr7UX
  14. Vafin

    Native Client Simplified settings of the server group

    I know about these descriptions, but for beginners they are not as convenient as simplified settings.
  15. Vafin

    Native Client Fixed width of the column with channels.

    I tried but didn't get a decent result. It would be nice if the link to the image was integrated into the CSS as a background-image. This would allow to better customize the banner.
  16. Vafin

    Native Client Not all icons are displayed in the native client

    The problem is still present https://recordit.co/Kv3OTUMobb
  17. Vafin

    Server How bot commands change? TS3AudioBot

    You need to contact us here https://gitter.im/TS3AudioBot/Lobby
  18. Vafin

    Pending high cpu

    I want to correct you a little, 1.4.8-beta-9. ;)
  19. Vafin

    Weird crash.

    Indeed, the latest version seems stable. One of these days I'm going to update the main servers to 1.4.8-beta 9