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    Pending Conflict between permissions, when creating new groups.

    Hi. One of our users have one crazzy problem. The one of Server Admin I leave it by default, then I delete the group called "Normal" leaving only the Guest and Admin, then I create 1 from 0, it would be the group for those who are registered, the permission to enter, exit, create subchannel...
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    Evaluated Crash every day.

    Crash every day.
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    Premium License

    Where I can get the premium license... I was premium but i dont renew for some weeks, now The software says that the license dont work... Where can i get the new premium license?
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    TeaSpeak Protocol_key.txt

    Hello I have a license on a Tea*Speak 3.3.1 server (Non-Profit-License). Original is already several years old. If I convert it to Protocol_key, could Tea*Speak identify that license from Protocol_Key.txt and ban it? if the ban will stop working with the Tea*Speak 3.3.1 server?
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    Completed (server version is too old for command) with new client V

    I can´t connect: server version is too old for command with the last Client Version.
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    Completed Bugued with new version

    TeaSpeak Bugued permisions on all vServer... I dont know when (I thnik it happends when I have the las bug = ) Now the system is bugued 100%. · Permisons bugued like, They MUST push to talk, they try to quit...
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    Completed 1.2.2-beta2 crash in start

    Hi the las version crash in the start. [2018-08-07 04:08:25] [INFO] GEN | Got stop signal! [2018-08-07 04:08:25] [INFO] GEN | Stopping all server instances! [2018-08-07 04:08:25] [INFO] GEN | Stopping application [2018-08-07 04:08:25] [DEBUG] GLOBL | Stopping all virtual servers...
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    Completed Cant limit UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD Speed

    Hi! With YaTQA [Statistics] Area - In Tea*Speak I set 2MB/s Upload/Download Speed Limit. When you upload download the max speed is 2MB/s With YaTQA [Statistics] Area - In TeaSpeak 1.1.40-beta5 I set the same speed 2MB/s Upload /Download Speed Limit. But when you upload/download the...
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    Web Control Panel

    TeaSpeak have a Native Web Control Panel or similar where create users and instances?
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    Some Questions of this SW

    Actually I have a community with Tea*Speak (r4p3 version :p) I manage about 400 servers (Because I offer totally free / without adevertising or popups)... The distribution of this: Server A: with about 200 servers (Linux x64 Tea*Speak 3 Software) Server B: with about 200 servers (Linux...