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Information Disable the TeamSpeak black list


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
in this little tutorial i want to show you how you could disable the TeamSpeak blacklist.

The concept:
The concept how you could disable the TeamSpeak blacklist is very easy.
On every server connect attempt, the TeamSpeak client requests TeamSpeak if this server is blacklisted or not.
If the client can't connect to TeamSpeak than the client ignores this check and joins the server.
What we do in the next few rows underneath, we block this requests by nullrooting the TeamSpeak blacklist server.

Instructions for Windows:
Step 1:

Close your TeamSpeak 3 client.

Step 2:
Add in the windows host file this two lines:
Code:        blacklist.teamspeak.com        blacklist2.teamspeak.com
How you can find/edit your windows host file: https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/modify-your-hosts-file/

Step 3:
Go into your TeaSpeak 3 application data (%APPDATA%\TS3Client\) and delete the following files:
- resolved.dat
- cache.dat
- webserverlist.dat
- webserverlistcache.dat

Another useful tutorial:
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