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(Ideas)Proxy server


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Hello everyone I'm working for teaspeak/tea*speak proxy with a web interface that u can add multiple servers to it and u can monitor clients info example (version / client id / country / idletime / if the user is talking or no / etc... without the need of the query ) with blacklist and whitelist system u can block an entire country with one click and VPN protection . If anyone of u has some other ideas please let me know and thanks alot.


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So after 2 weeks of coding, I was able to start working on the frontend so basically, now my proxy, or what I call TSGuard is capable of :
-adding multiple servers to the proxy
-added Query honeypot that can save all the entries made by an attacker
-block clients based on countries/IPS/VPN
-monitor clients info on each server (Teaspeak - tea*speak version / client id / country / idle time / if the user is talking or no ) without the need of the query
-fake server Infos to the server list of tea*speak
-a dashboard that shows ( how many servers is behind our proxy / how many clients are online / how many clients was blocked that uses a VPN)
-Map that shows the number of clients connected to a specific country
-Query attacks attempts

Please if u have any other ideas please let me know I'm happy to add them

Note : this project will be open source as soon as possible
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After weeks of playing with the packets I will try to implement a system where u can read the messages/pokes of the clients (and even change server data (server name / version / etc..) I didn't try it yet) :rolleyes: or imagine we can even troll clients by sending fake voice packets like it's coming from someone :D
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