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Server Teamspeak Server to TeaSpeak Server


New member
Hello to everyone!

I would like to know if it is possible to pass my database from my Teamspeak server to TeaSpeak Server, its possible?

TeaSpeak servers works with Gametracker?


New member

Yes it is possible, follow this tutorial https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/snapshot-help.1119/

And Yes teaspeak is compatible with Gametracker ;)
Thanks, btw Im trying to test the "musicbot" with a Free TeaSpeak Server, but I get this:
<15:42:18> "Music Manager": Please select a music bot! (.mbot select <id&gt
<15:42:29> "Music Manager": You don't have the permission to create a new music bot. (Permission: b_client_music_create)
<15:56:57> "Music Manager": There are no music bots in this channel
TeaSpeak Client cant connect to my free TeaSpeak Server btw, for now I can connect with Teamspeak Client.


TeaSpeak Team
Staff member
You are missing the permission b_client_music_create you have to asign your selve the permission first