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Outdated TeaSpeak Framework Service Provider for Laravel


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TeaSpeak Framework Service Provider for Laravel
This package is developed to provide Laravel Framework service allowing you to execute TeaSpeak ServerQuery commands.

  1. Install composer package using this command composer install florian_berkemeier/laravel-tea*speak3
  2. Insert Service Provider in config/app.php Adams\Tea*Speak3\Tea*Speak3ServiceProvider::class
  3. Insert Facade in config/app.php: 'Tea*Speak3' => Adams\Tea*Speak3\Facades\Tea*Speak3::class,
  4. Publish configuration file to your project: php artisan vendor: publish --provider="Adams\Tea*Speak3\Tea*Speak3ServiceProvider"
  5. Open .env file and insert these settings:
    • TEA*SPEAK3_HOST - host used to establish connection with server,
    • TEA*SPEAK3_VOICE_PORT - voice port (UDP) used to identify virtual server to select,
    • TEA*SPEAK3_QUERY_PORT - query port (TCP) used to establish connection with ServerQuery,
    • TEA*SPEAK3_USERNAME - username which will be used to login into ServerQuery,
    • TEA*SPEAK3_PASSWORD - password which will be used to login into ServerQuery,
    • TEA*SPEAK3_NICKNAME - nickname to set after successful connection.
For example you can use this Service Provider in Controllers:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;

class Tea*Speak3Controller extends Controller
* Show clients connected to Tea*Speak 3 server.
* @return Response
public function clients()
return view('tea*speak3.clients', [
'clients' => Tea*Speak3::clientList()


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