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TeaSpeak Project Future


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Hello dear community

As you have noticed, the development has stalled in the last few months.
But don't worry... with the new structure of the team and the opening of recruitment for software development,
things should be moving on again in the near future.
Going forward, @WolverinDEV will no longer direct the project.

Take the leadership in community:

What is planned?
First of all, some of you are well aware that the crypto market has not only existed since yesterday.
It's time for us to look to the future and participate in this market.

How do you want to implement that?
We want to create a decentralized network via the server software, which is probably the first big step in this direction.
Furthermore, it should be possible for tea client users to mine a coin passively in order to generate passive income.
The server operator only receives a network fee for this.
Nobody should enrich themselves fundamentally and everyone has the same income that can be earned every day.

So the following are also planned:
  • our own wallet
  • our own coin
  • Passive mining through the tea client
  • A standard network fee for the server operator
  • Tension of the local as well as the web client

Will the premium features remain?
Yes, all premium functions are retained and, as usual, the donations are used for maintenance and/or further development.

Does the api also remain available?
This function is also retained.

We hope you like the plan so far.
All users are welcome to leave further suggestions under this thread.
We will discuss everything and prioritize if necessary.

TeaSpeak team


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I'm glad the project will continue. By choice and fear of these latest updates without a feedback from the administration, I stopped updating in version 1.4.22.


Glad to hear that it continues.
Unfortunately, I do not like the current prospects at all.
Instead of making more stability, if necessary optical and functional adjustments, they prefer to tinker with the next (sh*t) coin.
This is currently a waste of time.

I have nothing against crypto money, I think it's good, but maybe the focus should be on other points?
Or do you plan to finance the whole thing with the stolen money, so that TeaSpeak remains free?


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Well, I understand the wanting to join the Crypto world but in my opinion it has a few setbacks. I know you didn't ask my opinion, but ill send you anyways.

First of them is that it is a little bit late. The crypto/NFT-hype has passed. Sure thing crypto will always be there and it's a way to monetize things, and it is still up in the market... But everyday hundreds of new coins are created, they live only for a shot timespan and then are dead. If you bind this software with a cryptocurrence, you will also struggle with this. But then this comes to the other point.

People are each time more worried of what is running into their computer, and more than the half of the users doesn't even need/want to profit with their computer. Mining would only maintain the blockchain integrity, and doing so you (TeaSpeak organization) would need to pay the users doing that. Sure it would attract the enthusiasts, but I can't see the benefits when comparing to the overall public. It would be a quite good way to attract more people, but I really don't think spending time into something you never worked (aka crypto-related stuff, verifying with wallets, all the burocracy) before is the best way to do it (same thing as wolverin did, after some time it will just lose your developing interest). Principally when we say about the third point.

Teaspeak was not even close to be mature. You and I know that TeaSpeak was supposed to be a 2nd hand server for Tea*Speak clients. You cannot disagree with this: the name, the compatibility, the initial changelogs on R4P3... All is here to prove that this is the base of this software.

And for me this is really nice. We can see a lot of server-client engines where people decided to reverse the client and develop a custom server so that the oficial client connects to it. Take for example some games: there is MMORPG's which tookt he same concept. Just for instance, Tibia (Open Tibia Servers) and RuneScape (MoparScape). There is nothing wrong into making it a (voice) "server" with compatibility of the "oficial" client (read TS3 client). Sure, there could be legal issues if you commercialize it, but I don't get why you don't just open source the whole code and then act as a Tea*Speak server alternative, with a plus that you have a custom client to connect to it aswell (it also has some benefits over TS3 client: can connect via web, have video/audio whatc2gether, etc). If you just "open source" a random voice protocol (which Tea voice protocol indeed is), you are literally just one more voice protocol available in the internet. There is dozens of voice chat protocols publicily available (with way better documentation of the code) that people can use. But TeaSpeak is good on only one thing that the other's doesn't even want to do: it can mimetize the TS3 server. This is literally the key difference between the other voice protocol. Anything else you think of, it is already been made, even by TS3 itself.

With this in mind I'd also like to point out that most of the usage of the TeaSpeak servers are indeed used by TS3 clients. The TeaSpeak server owners doesn't want to migrate their client base to Tea client with the client being what it is, it's still primitive. So there would need to develop the client more. Sure, this is also in the roadmad I guess and that's perfectly fine, but I'm talking of the server itself.

But see: the SERVER is not stable enough. It still have some issues where it randomly crashes with random rollbacks. You have 30 different versions of the server openly available. People can't debug their own server (now they can, but it was a one-man job for Wolverin). The communities that use TeaSpeak as their backend are really volatile aswell... If the server crashes 2-3 times per month, it is a reason to them to migrate services. I can't see a reason for new providers come by and try out... Because of this many reasons. And we are only talking about the stability. It makes no sense to implement new functions before fixing the bugs. Sure the developer doesn't get the bugs in his test server with 2 clients talking, but this also means it is needed a framework of testing.

As far as I've seen, I didn't really see much from you three related to C++, so my bet is that it is not your main language, but assuming the project will take a new direction means you know (or at least will learn) what you are doing. I hope this also
involves keeping it open source, documenting the code, having a good version control and having the testing framework I mentioned.

Another relevant point is hardware usage: really big servers use really big amounts of CPU/memory. If you add a new (totally unecessary) overhead like mining, you will affect the performance of the servers. Also, this would also mean that some big hosts (OVH, Amazon, DigitalOcean) wouldn't allow your users to host their servers aswell, because it envolves mining crypto. If you speak by the client site, i've already said that the client is not attractive to the users (even for the enthusiasts). This could be changed aswell. But think like this: TS3 is used as an alternative from Discord because people is used to it. Besides this, they also think that TS3 is lighter, uses less resources (which it actually uses, and TeaSpeak client is comparable to Discord: they are both CPU and memory hungry). TS3 can run using few megabytes of ram, on any OS. I highly doubt that you guys are achieving this size of portability (it can be done, but it will be hard).

And for the last part, think about the brand. If you guys are wanting to take a step away from the Voice Server per-se, I'd rebrand TeaSpeak into a new name and a new organization, nothing related to the term Tea*Speak. This thing could be huge if done correctly, but still has the same potential of being in the shadow for the short time it is alive.


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I agree with the above post. He made excellent points. The feature set that TeaSpeak has is special and should be expanded upon. Extra things like mining resources would likely limit, if not fully prevent, professional hosting providers from offering servers because that’s not likely something they want on their network. Isn't professional hosts picking this up something that we want to strive for? Even if they did, the providers would charge astronomical prices for the voice server due to the added resource consumption, which would also limit the userbase. Even the developers are 100% they want to go that route, perhaps put a poll out to the community first. I doubt the majority would want crypto integration since crypto and voice servers have no natural relationship with one another.
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So apart from the criticism, no one comes up with ideas that can be implemented. Everyone wants it to be bug-free, but no one wants to get involved in how it could go on. And if you then already work out a 2-year plan, you're not satisfied either.


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So apart from the criticism, no one comes up with ideas that can be implemented. Everyone wants it to be bug-free, but no one wants to get involved in how it could go on. And if you then already work out a 2-year plan, you're not satisfied either.
I would get involved if the project took another approach. I'm not going to waste my personal time into something I don't believe. But I do hope you guys achieve what you want, without hard feelings or anything else.

Also, in your plans you didn't mean to manage anything from the voice server perspective (this is a voice server software after all), so you should expect people saying "focus in the voice server part". For taking up stuff publicly you should expect criticism, independently if you are moving into a new direction or maintaining the same one. This is a discussion board and if we cannot bring new points for the discussion (criticism or new ideas) there is no reason to open up for replies.

I really expected a more professional or bias-free answer from the staff but couldn't really get it...


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So apart from the criticism, no one comes up with ideas that can be implemented. Everyone wants it to be bug-free, but no one wants to get involved in how it could go on. And if you then already work out a 2-year plan, you're not satisfied either.
I'm new to the "club" and mainly I'm a sysadmin. Hosting a TeaSpeak server myself on my own VPS right now and if it helps you guys, I would gladly help with the developement. I think this project aims very high and it is also achieveing it. And that is the key part. The server and client is basically complete. "Only" the cleanup remains. That I can help I hope.
If you have an idea how I could help, let me know ;)


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Hello, I think in TeaSpeak Client @WolverinDEV used Google Translate for Turkish Language. If a better Turkish translate needed, just sent me pm. I'm always around here :)


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What on earth does crypto mining have to do with a VOIP server? This feels extremely crowbarred in, purely for the purpose of then exploiting the users who take up the new coin you are proposing. This is a more effective death knell that Wolverine's post on dropping the project.

If you want a way to monetize the project, then I suggest you look into other solutions. A simple resale license agreement would be the most effective and easiest to implement. Free for personal use, server resale requires a license. Hell, even spin up your own hosting solution that people without the technical knowledge to do so can pay to host through yourselves.


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I've looked at the source with other friends and we have big plans, but when the time comes, you'll be the first to know what's coming