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  • @ Kevin1232:
  • @ C o Z y:
    please help me,
  • @ C o Z y:
    Song replay aborted due to an unrecoverable error. Replaying next song, then server down
  • @ yamano:
    Try to update the musicbot. there is a script that can help you doing such kind of thing.
  • @ C o Z y:
    ah ok, thank you, where i can find the script? please
  • @ C o Z y:
    actually actually I already use your script, to install musicbot
  • @ mkll11one:
  • @ aDeWaRD:
    Hi long ago I use this software for provide voip to my comunity. For some reasons we stop using. Today we decide to get again around this software... but... What happen? no updates is the las version estable at 100% with no bug?
  • @ aDeWaRD:
    I feel like this project is dead?
  • @ Cloudshi:
  • @ tovaron:
  • @ latters:
    yea, why did the father forsake his son.
    left it in the hands of people who don't care about it, just because they profit from it.
  • @ quikzapper:
    Sadly this project is dead...
  • @ quikzapper:
    Make a PM to world
  • @ Aealyn:
    okay thanks
  • @ mkll11one:
  • @ world: