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BIOS.nfo [Version 10.0.1337.2020]

cd /home/users/Anonymous/BIOS>show profile

Name: BIOS
Description: software developer
Location: germany
Main skills: HTML, PHP
Interested in: Crypto, security, webdevelopment, networkapplications

cd /home/users/Anonymous/BIOS>show projects

Simple Server Hosting Script [View]
Teaspeak dns Script [View]
Teaspeak All in One Page [View]
Psychokillers webinterface modiffied( a little bit) for Teaspeak [View]

cd /home/users/Anonymous/BIOS>show contact

E-Mail: b19bd6eda43e5ee07d1c0686bc7fe2504ef78b67139fc18b9b61f7807daaae290357443ae6fdba49dfbf587c682b959f

Github: https://github.com/BIOS-THE-ORIGINAL

cd /home/users/Anonymous/BIOS_
German / Italian




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