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24/7 Extremely Cheap TeaSpeak Server Hosting

24/7 Cheap TeaSpeak Server Host!

I offer:​

  1. 10p per slot, so for 16 slots, £1.60/month, 32 slots, £3.20/month, or for 100 slots, £10/month. Bargain! (I even do quarterly, semi-annually or yearly)​
  2. I sometimes do free server lifetime giveaways. Message "FREE" and I may or may not give you one ;) just dont beg for one if I can't or ill ignore you!​
  3. A private Telegram channel for all server owners, if we need to announce anything​
  4. Server 5GB File Transfers​
  5. More permissions than Tea*Speak.​
Please contact me if you want to rent a cheap server! I recommend you contact me here as i respond faster, or you can email: [email protected] :)