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24/7 Free TeaSpeak Server Host

Thank you for reading!

Ubuntu Linux TeaSpeak 1.4.14 Server Host


What do we offer?

  1. Tea(m)Speak 3/5 All Versions Compatible
  2. Any slots (maximum 1024)
  3. DDoS Protection
  4. 24/7 teaspeak servers
If you are interested:
Please make sure to message me on the TeaSpeak forums or Discord if you want a TeaSpeak Server. If any problems please message me. Setting up a server isn't automated for now..

You can test our TeaSpeak server by messaging me on Discord for fast response: Jxshinq#1498

Right now, the server logs does not work, and I have no idea how to fix that.

If there is no activity within 7 days after server creation, we will have to suspend your server for 23 days. If your server is 30 days old but suspended, we will have to delete your server.
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