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Server How To manually upgrade TeaSpeak version to newer one



for those who dont know how to upgrade their teaspeak server version to newer one read these simple instruction

first login to your linux server using SSH

go to your installation of teaspeak

for example we assume you installed it on /home/yourusername/teaspeakserver

CODE : cd /home/yourusername/teaspeakserver

then we make a dir to save the newer teaspeakserver into it

CODE : mkdir teaspeakversion1.3.9 (teaspeakversion1.3.9 this can be anything you like )

then we go into the directory we just created

CODE : cd teaspeakversion1.3.9

then we Download newer teaspeak version into this directory using code below

CODE : wget http://repo.teaspeak.de/server/linux/amd64/TeaSpeak-1.3.9-beta.tar.gz (simply go to the teaspeak.de and find the download link then right click on it and select copy link address then write the code above . for simplest way just write wget and then right click on the putty screen to paste the address you just copied to your clipboard from teaspeak.de download link)

then we extract files from the downloaded file

CODE : tar -xvf (and push TAB button) tab button will select the file automatically as there is no other files on the directory and the out put will be like this :
tar -xvf TeaSpeak-1.3.9-beta.tar.gz

after extraction first stop your teaspeak server if it is running using then enter the code below

CODE : cp -rf * /home/yourusername/teaspeakserver/teaspeakversion1.3.9/ /home/yourusername/teaspeakserver (dont forget to put right installation directory here as this is just an example)

its done

go and start your teaspeak server