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open source

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I would recommend that you open source the project. I like the idea, but why should we trust you? You are no better than Tea*Speak. How do we know you haven't back doored the software? How do we know that you have implemented security properly?

I don't think this project will go anywhere.
Hello @Gopher,

as @WolverinDEV said yesterday, TeaSpeak is no open source software:

TeaSpeak isnt open source. Just the issue tracker is located on github.com
May this will be changed later, but I dont think so, because of the fact, that TeaSpeak should not be edited by everyone. If this would be the fact the probability that there is a fake software with a backdoor would be enormous.
So please dont think badly about us. Trust us.
Also big companys dont share their sources because this what the company is out of. You can compere this to the project TeaSpeak. It is coded by WolverinDEV and his project.

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Not open for further replies.