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huhu kann mann beim clienten das so ein stellen das die gäste nicht lesen können was geschrieben wurde asuf den server
The command 'logview' is not supported anymore.
In order to lookup the server actions use 'logquery'.

If you need to lookup the TeaSpeak - Server logs, please visit the 'logs/' folder,
located at your TeaSpeak installation folder. All logs could be found there.
moin moin. du hast ja das Psychokiller interface umgeschrieben. kurze frage.. wieso hast du den das raus gemacht das man einen neuen server erstellen kann. das konnte man mit dem alten interface von Psychokiller aber machen.. ? meld dich mal bitte per pn bei mir. lg
I would like to have the beta if it can be or rent the module. I don't care having to pay, which I know is paid but I would like to have it as soon as possible.

the Module is now released we can give you a trail version if you like to test all features.

Best Regards
I have hired it but I still have errors and the support has not been able to solve it either. It does not connect to the server, I have been trying new hosting for 1 week and I have not achieved anything.