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  1. Application Crashed V1.5.3 beta 3

    Yes it is and it has a cpu problem sometimes sometimes all cores are 100%
  2. Application Crashed V1.5.1 beta 2

    I updated to version 1.5.3 beta 2, I hope the version is stable and without problems
  3. Application Crashed V1.5.1 beta 2

    Yes, this is it. I did the 1.5.3 beta 1 update to test on the server. Time will tell if there is a problem or not.
  4. Application Crashed V1.5.1 beta 2

    I put crash dump version 1.5.2 in the previous post, but it had a problem.
  5. Application Crashed V1.5.1 beta 2

    The server that was set up for testing crashed today
  6. Application Crashed V1.4.22 beta

    I sent all the crashes of version 1.5 for me in the old version less crashed today 3 times in a row this happened in version 1.4.22
  7. Application Crashed V1.4.22 beta

    Today, version 1.4.22 crashed three times in a row. I also tested all the new versions. They all have problems
  8. Application Crashed V1.5.2 beta

    I tested all versions but so far only 1.4.22 beta is good and very low crash Usually all versions still crash
  9. Application Crashed V1.5.0 beta 12

    All versions have been tested and the crash has not been fixed yet
  10. Application Crashed V1.4.22

    Yes, I tried all versions of 1.5.0, everyone had a problem, only the version that had no problem was 1.4.22, which I returned to this version again, the server was shut down due to a crash
  11. Application Crashed V1.4.22

    Crash in all versions of 1.5.0 tested and I went back to 1.4.22 and there is a problem in this version as well ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- Crash again ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ----