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Network Administrator and Computer Engineer

i work as free lancer

following are some of my services

Tea*Speak/TeaSpeak services:
-permissions fixing and knowledge
-anything related to tea(M)speak servers (just ask anything)

tea(m)speak bot systems
-sinusbot (configuration of unlimite bots on your server and troubleshooting of problems)
-JTS3servermod (providing webinterface jts bot)
-Ranksystem(providing webinterface ranksystem bot)

Windows/linux(ubuntu and centos) services:
-firewall settings
-solve any problem on your server

Network Services:
as network solution i am Mikrotik Specialist ( MTCNA MTCRE MTCINE )
-Firewall settings
with mikrotik many things can be done . like country blocking,ddos migration etc..

i accept only bitcoins

contact me if you want any of my services on computer and network world (anything)
Jan 1, 1988 (Age: 31)


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