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  • Hi. I have 1 license (Premium),
    I paid for it yesterday and now I need the license to install TeaSpeak Server and BOT, and I have not yet been granted
    Hi. I have 1 license (Active member donator) , and now I need second one to give to my users to make a clear migration... Can I use the same license in two dedicates at same time? or need one more? How can i get one more?
    hallo mein name ist ari02194 kannst du mir bitte hilfen Wie ich ein WebInterface bei Teaspeak ´Installiere könnte oder mir sagen können wie ich bei yatQa mehre servers machen kann als wie 13??
    Hi bin nicht Wolverin aber ja es ist möglich mehr als 13 server,s zur erstellen
    Hey bro, when i install 1.3.21 version of teaspeak, with my valid license key. New version 3.2.5 and 3.3.0 of TeamSpeak3 Client cant join to server, but 3.2.3 version can join... WTF is that????
    Guten Morgen. Mich interessiert, ob der SourceCode für den CLient irgendwo herunterladbar ist?
    Das aktuelle design ist einfach schrecklich und ich würde dies gerne ändern.

    Liebe Grüße.
    Hi, wolvering, could you help me with this? - Connection lost because server license can not be validated
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    Ludi DenY
    hello the server is not using original license you will need delete your Tea*Speak and download atleast 3.2.0 version of Tea*Speak to access your server...because 3.2.2 version of Tea*Speak is auto detecect modifyng license or no license
    Hello, I made the purchase of the premium and wanted the activation in my account and my license
    Can you increase bot & slot limit for aal license users? Because there's no reason to use teaspeak. or you can activate premium features for aal users >.<

    TeaSpeak seems to be quiet stable in debug mode!
    Let's try release later and when the result is the same I thing TeaSpeak can have its first stable version!
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