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    Pending avatars not loading

    @REDOSS Tryout 1.4.16-b2, may be fixed or at least there will be something in the log (I hope). @farhadhelix When testing it ensure that the avatar has been uploaded to the server properly.
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    Pending convert error

    Tryout beta 1.4.16b2, I change a few thinks which might also include that error, but that's more like a 50/50 guess.
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    Pending Client Dropping upon connection

    I think this has been resolved already, right?
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    Server About TeaSpeak version

    Please lookup the tutorial section
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    Pending avatars not loading

    Yes I've now a clue where to search. I'm currently busy but I'm trying to get some free hours to finally get rid of this ;)
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    Server About TeaSpeak version

    Whats the error? ---- Automatically Merged Double Post ---- As well update your server that version is way outdated.
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    Feature request Description

    //Closed since the Client now has a much better interface
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    Instance Actions Log

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    MacOS Client

    Hey, I've currently no experience with MacOS and only a minority uses it. This is not a "will never come" but it's unlikely that it will come sonly without anyone helping me out in that field. //Moved to suggestions & feedback
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    Pending convert error

    Yes I'm not able to reproduce it at all, even with a presetup of the server. Please also ensure you're using 1.4.16 so we're talking about the same versions!
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    Pending avatars not loading

    Is there anything in the server log? Avatars work fine for me :D Well its kinda interesting that I'm not experiencing the convert error nor the avatar issue^^ Even with a presetup where it should fail :D
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    Pending Disconnected from server (invalid channel order)

    Yes, server snapshot deploy is sometimes a bit fragile ;)
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    Server About TeaSpeak version

    What do you mean exactly?
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    Pending convert error

    Hmm okey? Do you have some kind of icon pack to reproduce?