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    Pending TeaMusic Freeze

    Hey, yes sometimes the bots hang up, I'm aware of this issue. Usually recreating them will solve this ;)
  2. WolverinDEV

    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    Ahh, yeah the chat boxes are bugged. If you're still having issues send me a PM ;)
  3. WolverinDEV

    Pending Disconnected from server (invalid channel order)

    I would need the full log in trace mode ;)
  4. WolverinDEV

    unable to properly shutdown

    Hey, thanks for reporting. This is already a well known issue, but since it doesn't harm (and we've no data loss) I've not yet put much effort into fixing it ;)
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    Native Client Cross-platform TeaSpeak client on Flutter

    Hey, thanks for your thoughts. I've already thought about Flutter and looked a bit deeper into it, it's not like I'm not looking forward to a mobile app^^ I personally think I would more likely go with React-Native and Rust as a native back end instead of Flutter. Not only am I way more fluent...
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    Pending b_client_is_priority_speaker

    We don't support any third party software. Use the teaclient
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    Native Client The image is not displayed in the channel description

    And they will not. As stated the proxy is for some reason blocked from that side. I've no influence on that.
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    Pending 1.4.22 - Couple bugs

    PS: Can you ensure that pattern? I'm not able to reproduce that.
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    Pending 1.4.22 - Couple bugs

    PS: IDK why the buttons are blend out. I've just checked the permission list and it dosn't seem to match with my first impression...
  10. WolverinDEV

    Pending 1.4.22 - Couple bugs

    Well the TeaClient just has an indicator bug there in general, which has been fixed in 1.4.13 (the version I'm currently working on ;))
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    Pending 1.4.22 - Couple bugs

    Introduced permissions b_channel_create_modify_conversation_mode_private, b_channel_create_modify_conversation_mode_public and b_channel_create_modify_conversation_mode_none Guess these permissions pushed some permissions over the 255 boundary^^
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    The context menu with permissions is not active

    Update will come today along with the URL preview fix for the client ;)
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    Native Client The image is not displayed in the channel description

    To hide the clients IP address, since all images are loading automatically, it's required to do so.