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    Information The future of TeaSpeak

    WolverinDEV, I have been with you since the beginning. And you have my full support to keep the teaspeak.
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    Server Redundant Teaspeak server

    I have servers that sometimes exceed 1800 users online. a redundancy system has been appreciated by me for years. I would really like to know how it could be done with the teaspeak?
  3. latters

    Native Client Whisper function

    many of my TeaSpeak customers also charge me for this function and I don't have to tell them ..
  4. latters

    Server CPU Usage

    it can be a performance problem on your machine. is a dedicated or a VM? try to start the server through the screen -S teaspeak - ./teastart_autorestart.sh Ctrl + A ctrl + a + d
  5. latters

    Server CPU Usage

    is something wrong there ?, try to delete your config.yml and re-configure it. I have servers with more than 1.5k users and I don't even use 3vcpu.
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    We've a new Home/Landing page!

    Congratulations @WolverinDEV, TeaSpeak getting better.
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    Super safe, reliable, friend, I recommend!

    Super safe, reliable, friend, I recommend!
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    Information Import 3.1.10 or higher TS3 snapshots to TeaSpeak

    I cannot migrate this server snapshot
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    Unknown publisher

    yes, I had donated directly here to TeaSpeak before this donate button was created :-) I donated + 10 €
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    Unknown publisher

    I already helped with € 10, but I will donate more.
  11. latters

    Unknown publisher

    I'm waiting, I will help again.
  12. latters

    Unknown publisher

    I will help with 10€ TeaSpeak deserves so much more than that.
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    Pending Voice freeze on 70+ users on channel

    I have clients reported this problem. I am currently a hoster that has a lot of clients and growing, and all sorts of things happen on servers ... Would you have a suggestion of what to optimize in config.yml to optimize this? Another thing, how do I disable voice encryption?
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    TeaSpeak update will come soon

    I want to be a moderator, I want to help TeaSpeak.
  15. latters

    he helped me a lot .. I'm very grateful.

    he helped me a lot .. I'm very grateful.