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    Pending convert error

    Nice ;)
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    Pending convert error

    i hope it solves your problem ;)
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    Pending convert error

    yes, at least for me since the v1.4.15-beta2 the problem is solved. (edited the last message.. my mistake describing the version..)
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    Pending convert error

    i was able to reproduce it in v1.4.15-beta1, but not in the new v1.4.16..
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    Native Client Whisper function

    Ts3 or teaspeak? 😅
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    Web Client download teaweb files

    yes. Just upload it to your webhost.
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    1.3.26-beta Crash

    "1.3.26" Damn.. xD I know that version it was a good and stable one but i recommend you to update to a recent version. Many changes and improvements ;)
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    Server CPU Usage

    You're not using the latest version. Install the latest version: Update your musicbot: (Sometimes it can be...
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    Server Searching DDoS Protected vps

    -DDoS Protection not good -Old systems / kernels
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    Server Setting off / hide server ip address

    Everybody can have access to your server ip just by connecting the server. No way to hide it.
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    Server Tea*Speak 3.7.0 and TeaSpeak Server - not possible anymore?

    You need to edit the default server port in yatqa and restart the server after that ;)
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    musicbot error

    Try reinstalling the musicbot..
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    Hello I need an activation license, where can I get it?

    Please, do not create new threads just because of this. //closed
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    Server Web Panel

    Oh.... then it is explained ;)