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    yes, check the github. And please, before creating a new post in this forum, use the "search" option on the right corner. Do not create posts that have already been answered before. //closed
  2. yamano

    Teaspeak Server Server List add Help !

    Hi Weblist is not included in that teaspeak server version. You need to configure the permissions and allow some ips in your firewall to add the server to gametracker. There are already several threads talking about both things, so please do not create more threads to talk about the same. Use...
  3. yamano

    Server How to install TeaSpeak Server (Linux)

    We do not support 3rd party related software. About "certificate invalid date" there are already several threads in this forum. Check them here: link
  4. yamano

    Server Serveradmin query account lost permissions

    Take one of your old backups and restore it ;)
  5. yamano

    Server 400 User High CPU HELP

    Maybe you can share you solution with the community. It will help some forum users.
  6. yamano

    Server Teaspeak

  7. yamano

    Server TeaSpeak Server & TeaMusicBot (Linux Install Script)

    Install tutorial: https://forum.teaspeak.de/index.php?threads/how-to-install-teaspeak-server-linux.3436/ Read everything with attention ;)
  8. yamano

    TeaSpeak Client for Android

    Apologize about what? You don't have to apologize for anything. My comment in this thread is in no way related with past problems between you and me, so don't mix things up, cause i'm just being real and sincere. Check all the posts you created before in this forum... Basically almost all of...
  9. yamano

    TeaSpeak Client for Android

    "That person's past is none of my business" ok, you refuse to see the excessive useless threads created by him. "Is this teateam only there to check premium keys? I wish they would make an attempt to improve teaspeak. " Staff members = 1 thing, developers = another thing. We do not have real...
  10. yamano

    TeaSpeak Client for Android

    Provoking people? Being real and direct it is totally different than provoking mate. Check all the threads created by @THEFLASHHD in this forum, you will understand ;)
  11. yamano

    TeaSpeak Client for Android

    "At least he tries something, right?" Everyone can go to google and search for several websites that converts webpages to apk / apps. We already did it before (in 2019) ;)
  12. yamano

    TeaSpeak Client for Android

    This is only teaweb converted to an apk:rolleyes: Do not even works. Everybody can do this.
  13. yamano

    Server 400 User High CPU HELP

    We already alerted users to do not use simple passwords in the forum to avoid being hacked. Some persons use the same password for everything (email, facebook, foruns, etc...)o_O
  14. yamano

    Web Client How to connect to streamline server

    I think you're asking abou such things in the wrong forum mate 😉